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Hello My Darling Boys,

We've had painters walking back and forth in my back yard this morning so my morning  time on the patio was nixed today.

Instead, I'm at my "office" table overlooking the end of my garden.  Still, not a bad gig.  And there's always later after they leave.   Plus I have a playmate coming by this afternoon. 

And if you are wondering about that title, the above statements just about sum up how I stay happy each day.  

You decide to be happy.  And then you start counting the blessings you have rather then the real or imagined things you think you do not.  

Enough of the preaching!

My twitter followers hit 50K last evening.  Once twitter removed the shadow ban they increased by leaps and bounds.  What is the point of all of that?  Networking darlings.  It's a fact that guys have to see the message many times before it translates into action.  Adventures, skype, purchasing videos, etc.  I am not spending all that time to have a fan club to give me compliments just to pump up my ego.  (Well it helps, lol)  But it is to bring business. And reinforce my brand and expand my marketing.  

The pics below are a thank you to my twitter followers and you for helping in this effort.  The best thing you can do for me is come see me, arrange a Skype session or buy a video at www.annekexposed.com.  If it's been a while since we've been in touch or met you will need to rescreen at Reserve Me for an adventure.  If you've stayed in touch probably not.  No screening required to Skype. 

Who knows what the next late great thing will be to stay out there but right now Twitter is still valuable as sites like Eros rip us off and do little for us. Or guys are insistent on going to those crappy Backpage clone sites and girls that require no screening, cheap prices and no service.  They really do need to learn how to use their smart phones are computers.  That is what they are. 

I will take this opportunity now to say to you.   Be careful next week!   Anywhere in the United Sates.   Screen, screen, screen and if it feels wrong it probably is.  THAT is all I can say.  Please don't repeat that on social media. 

These last few weeks since I've recovered and I could work again have been a time of contemplation.  When I lived in Albany full time before I had a great clientele and was almost always busy.  The same was true when I moved to Florida and came up here on tour.  Even the extended summer sojourn of 2017.

Alexx and I sat down and agreed that it made more sense to take a little place in Albany, rather then spend it in hotels.  That wasn't wrong as there is continuing to be increased scrutiny in all the hotel chains all over the world.

What I didn't expect was that the regulars didn't return as I thought they would.  So....I'm heading back to Florida after Labor Day.....more permanently.  I have the lease in Albany until next May so I'll still be back and forth from Tampa.  I'm NOT going to invest in a dungeon in Albany.  Instead I'll make some changes to my Florida incall.  I have the room to do so.  It's always good to have options and there I do.  Plus a support network of lots of friends.  

It's time to shift where I spend more of my time.  Yes, again Alexx and I have again already discussed this and as he says..."Astrologically and in numerology September is a good time for money and travel.  You can always hop on a plane and go back."   I am concerned about my brother and son but Southwest is always there for me.  However, I'd be closer to my daughter.  

In the end it's about the business and lifestyle and where I fit in the best.  Plus, Tampa is easier to travel from.  Albany is very limited in it's air carriers. I've had a LOT of requests to head to the West Coast.  It would be a lot shorter and easier to go from Tampa.  I'm still determined to stay off the tour grind and just do special requests in Fly Me To You situations.  OR you fly to me.  

I have a bigger place in Tampa and that playroom would be a nice retreat for a couple or a gentleman who  would enjoy the VIP treatment from touchdown at the airport and back.  

LOTS of options and it's always best to have them.  Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Tribute pics for the 50K followers on twitter and my friends here.

Unretouched...with my Iphone.  Of course it took several outfit changes, lighting, etc to get these right.  I hope you enjoy them. 





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