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Hi Darlings,

There's not a huge difference between the weather in Albany NY then Tampa right now.  Both high 80's...the humidity is 20 points lower in Upstate NY.  Tomorrow looks like a not too hot day at the track, high of 82 and sunny.  I'm thinking about heading up for a bit.  If nothing else to soak up the atmosphere and see what the ladies are wearing.  Hats have not been in abundance the last few years but I'm hoping that won't be the case tomorrow.   *Later...oops,  dinner date tomorrow night.   No track tomorrow.  

Hey, I hauled a few of them up here I want to wear them.

BJ Barry arrives in a few minutes and we're supposed to film another bj scene....this time something a little taboo.  I'm sure you can use your imagination.  It's a hot topic these days in porn.  Since I offer age play in my sessions I don't see why I shouldn't film it either.   * Later....hot, hot, hot.  Should be out on Monday.  May be a while before it gets to Annekexposed though.  

The whole week was quiet and once again Friday exploded with sessions and skype.  I just can't figure out why you wait until the very end of the week.  Oh...yeah...on second thought I get it.  But it would seem to me that it would be easier to escape during the work week, not at the end of it.  Of course weekends are just as available and sometimes I'm busy.  I expect it's going to be busier now until Labor Day with opening day this past Thursday.

I'll repeat ad nauseum....I require 24 hours for outcall appts.  10am to 10pm and screening is a must.  Especially this weekend and the next week.   Why should ICE be the only ones hunting down folks they don't approve of or want in this country?  Might as well get everyone involved in law enforcement chasing dangerous escorts who are independent business women.  Of course in their eyes we're ALL exploited.  I'm looking at my life and I don't think so. 

We need an immigration policy of some kind.  I have mixed feelings on the wall but folks who live in the border states sure want one.  What we have isn't working.  Albany has always been a Democratic stronghold and very liberal.  It's also a sanctuary city.  Just saying....

Me....I'd rather keep abreast of the news but not be overwhelmed by it each day as some of you are.  I've seen and heard you express those thoughts.  Some folks are stressed out over the news.

Unless you get out a participate and make your voice heard you might as well stop worrying about what is going on.  For my part....I limit my news consumption.  I make myself NOT spend too much time on the general Twitter feed also. It's too depressing.

So.....I'm going to have a good time and account for how I  as a person treat people in this world.  Family and friends.  Strangers I meet.

I lost another cousin this week.  He was 80.   The funeral home was full of his children and their children and it was sweet to see so many of my dutch clan there.  And it was good to see my cousins  with whom I grew up.  We had a good time being kids when life was simpler and so much safer. 

Funerals certainly remind you to live each day to the fullest.   We should remember that every day in my opinion and I intend to.

I am SO excited about heading back to Florida in September.  I realize that I've been trying to make Albany a home with a circle of friends and build a world around it.   It just can't be. I'm too much for this place.    I don't dress or act that way in public but I'm still too much for here.  

 Oh...not for you but for the society as it is.  It's fine for business and to get out of the Florida heat in the summer.  It's sweet to come back and reconnect with my roots, the traditions and family.  I'll always be back here. 

But I belong back down there in Florida with my nudist and swinger friends in crazy assed Tampa and Land O Lakes.  I've had my health repaired so it's time to get back to fun in the sun more of the year!

Because.....I'm a crazy assed gal. and I wouldn't want to be any other way!   Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Leather fetish session attire.  Friday 7/12








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