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Good Morning My Friends,

It's 77 this morning as I write this with rain on the way this afternoon for the next at least 24 hours.  The track will be a mud pit tomorrow. 

So far, 6 horses have died since opening day.   Sadly this happens but it's too many, too soon.  I'm surprised my sister hasn't sent me a daily tally as she does most years.  She will not go to the track for this very reason.  

Me, I've not been there because of high heat or business.  The end of this week is going to be a scorcher so you won't find me there then either.  Next week looks like the 80's.  We'll see.  But it IS going to happen!

Sunday evening was a very sexy dinner date.  He's a very elegant and brilliant older gentleman and is always delightful company.  So savvy and I learn so much every time we meet and dine.  And he's an absolute tiger in the boudoir.   We have dinner, cocktails, wine and then he's already stocked my fridge with a great champagne before we head out for dinner.  Few I know can put away that much alcohol and still perform.  It doesn't slow him down a bit and I don't even try to keep up with the beverage consumption.  As it was, Monday morning was a slightly hungover loss.  An amazing man and I always look forward to his return!  Of course, we Uber wherever we go. 

I had a nutty Skype session Monday with someone who didn't speak English.  He was barking out orders, having me sit down, stand up, turn around in my nakedness.   No, it wasn't a turn on but Lake Anneke still managed to appear.

Yesterday was quiet after all.  Because of what happened in the next paragraph.

It could be a busier day today but I have one who is dithering in his decisions.  He was dithering last night away, claiming a business dinner was delaying him.  I finally said....no...we're done.   This happens more then I'd care to say. 

You plan this wild evening with me after your business dinner and then get caught up with co-workers or clients drinking and the messages start.  "Oh, Anneke, I don't think I'm going to make it for 8pm or I'm not sure when I'll be free or lalalala. Or can you see me late?"  DON'T arrange to meet if you're not sure you can honor the time we planned.  I set my evening aside for YOU. 

Last evening I played it smarter.  I showered, shaved, moisturized early and that was it.  I didn't do the hair, makeup and get dressed because I had a feeling he was going to pull this.  IF I know you I'm sympathetic and will happily adapt.  If I do not and this is the first time we've met I'm not inclined to be flexible. I've been through this too many times.

In my eyes....you've treated me with disrespect and now, I really do not want to meet you.  There, I'm being flat out honest.  It's not going to have a good outcome because I'm already pissed off. 

Old friends...different story.  But old friends usually know better than to pull that stuff.

Later, I did a full moon ritual.  Saging/cleansing the area and the house. As I walked around I felt that "prickle" at the back of my neck and head.  That  means that one of my spirit guides was close and it's always a welcome feeing.  Last evening I'm pretty sure it was my old pal Anthony.  It was overcast so sadly I couldn't see Luna but she certainly was watching over me as he does.  How interesting that it was also the 50th anniversary of man's first walk on the moon. And a lunar eclipse. 

So, I'm meeting an old friend later and then I just might head out for dinner.  But then again, I might not.  I'm trying to save my pennies and cooking at home way more.   I'm thinking chicken piccata tonight.

Not much else to share...but life is still good! When I reread the past few days I'm struck again about how truly I am blessed! 

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...My video with BJ is out on his site but I haven't received the content for mine yet.  There is a teaser on twitter.  Just look at Annekenordstrum if you want to see it.  Yes,  you have to look for it.

Before the dinner date.  Yes, you've seen it before.  It's a Frank Lyman and I bought it as a birthday present for myself to wear to the track many years ago.  Quality lasts and is timeless.  And it's a size 12.  It hasn't looked this good on me in a long time.  Yeay!





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