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Good Morning Boys,

It's 71 with 87% humidity this morning.  The sun has a watery light through the forest in my tiny back yard but it's supposed to be overcast all morning.  I'm going to try and get a walk in once the humidity lowers.  It's a mile around and I'm working on shortening my time each day I venture out in the heat and humidity.  

My astrological notice above is more tongue in cheek than anything else.  Although the new moon is this evening and it's the time to think about what you want to create in your life.  However Alexx says to wait a few more days. The planets are in turmoil and one only has to look at the news to see that's true in the world. 

July so far has been quiet but busy enough to take care of obligations and still have a night out here and there and a lunch also.  I find that here in Albany I don't enjoy cooking as much in the tiny kitchen.  As a single it's not cost efficient to dine at home all the time unless you can load up on carbs and my body is having none of that.  I'd be 300 pounds. NOT!  When you start buying lean cuts of meat or a protein source it's expensive. It's often more cost efficient to dine out and there's no mess in my kitchen. 

 My Florida home has a wonderful kitchen in comparison so I save my culinary chops for when I'm there.  Plus I have lots of friends that I can invite to join me in my repasts.  

It's been a truly amazing week.  Two Christmases ago I was dating a great guy, going through major changes in his life.  We had a powerful chemistry I thought and it was fun.  Surprisingly he disappeared.  There's no doubt that it was painful but I learned some lessons that I applied when it happened again a few weeks ago. 

The most difficult part is not knowing why and your first thought is, "What did I do wrong?"  Thankfully now I've learned not to listen to the nutters and not get myself in a loop of anxiety and worry.  Thank you group and Andy Shaw. 

Surprisingly that old friend called this week to say he was sorry and that I'd been a light during a dark time in his life.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  But it was closure and a way for me to answer that question,  "why?" So thank you my friend.  I'm so happy you are in a better place now.  She's a lucky gal and I wish you the best.

It seems this is happening to a lot of folks recently.  People from their past are turning up and setting the record straight,  re-establishing old relationships or making amends.  It's a good thing I think when it's with good people.  You don't need to do that with the toxic folks.  What's done is done thankfully. Leave the baggage and them behind!

I had my threesome Monday night with the most delightful couple I've ever met and I've met some wonderful folks.  They were so young and beautiful and married....but not to each other.   It's been going on for years and they wanted to dip their toes in some lifestyle activities.  You know me....I was happy to help. 

We had a blast and I've never met any other woman who could orgasm so quickly and so many times.  She was a walking or lying down sex machine.  Of course, he loves it.  And Lordy, was he cute.  They brought Prosecco, the big bottle of St. Germaine and then she sent an Amazon gift card after.  I was a very lucky gal to have made two new wonderful friends!  She says she'll stay in touch and I hope that happens. 

Speaking of gift cards and paypal gifts....this has been a week for them.  Two were for my b'day.  I'm always amazed when I open an email and see one from you.  I can't tell you how much that tickles me and makes me smile.  Then there was the most generous one from Frederick's of Hollywood.  The pics below will show you one of the outfits I ordered for him.  Even better, they were having a huge sale so I was able to buy 4 outfits.   It's going to take shedding a few more pounds to get in two of them.  One black latex, the other red latex.  Yes....sizzling hot!!

Talk about motivation to stay on my diet and exercise program!  It's tough and slow going but I'm determined!

Some very exciting news!!  1. I corresponded with the gent who will be making the St. Andrew's cross for my Florida playroom/sans dungeon.  He's going to begin work and it should be installed not long after I return.

2. A domina whose skills and expertise I respect is going to be offering double dom sessions with me in Florida.  She has a different approach and I think it's going to be fabulous to share our experience in domination and fetish fantasies with each other and you!  She's very skilled in small penis humiliation.  3. She has a bi male friend who would be willing to work with me for those of you who desire MFM encounters.  

Remember, Myla Morgan also will be available with me for girlfriend, goddess and fetish encounters.  She is a switch so those of you who would like to dom a sub with me.....she's our gal.  Her pics are in my gallery.  

I am also beginning to receive interest in my Fly Me To You and You Fly to Me options.  Do call if you have questions.  Just remember I don't answer specific questions when you can find the answer ON this website! Once you are verified it's a different matter.  I'll feel more comfortable to speak. 

One last item of importance.  The new video I did with BJ Barry, the very naughty taboo one is up and available at www.annekexposed.com.  It's hot, hot, hot!

Not much else new.  I'm going to a Drum and Bugle competition with Sis Saturday evening, weather permitting.  Yes, I LOVE marching bands.  I'm a sap when one comes down the street.  But the competition is a whole step above those.  I'm hoping the Cavaliers will be there again.  Their  powerful sound is thrilling.

Yep....I'm a nerd about a lot of things.  But a sexy nerd.

Life is good!  Hopefully I'll get to the track soon.  Let's go together!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Virginal in White?  Not a chance.

Ready for the threesome.  NOT virginal.



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