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Good Morning Peeps,

In a few minutes I'll step outside on my patio retreat and get to my gratitude list.  After all these years you think I would have figured out that you write in the mornings.   I needed to reply to those first. 

My friend LuLu in NYC is a sharp cookie and she sets aside each morning to attend to email and bookings.  Then she enjoys the rest of her day.  It also means she has a life away from the computer.  I'm going to start adopting that.  I can post on twitter on my cell if I'm out and about.  

Finally, it seems Upstate NY has awakened and the Reserve Me requests and phone calls have resumed.  All I can say is yeay!  While I'd love to be at the track this weekend and the Whitney I'd rather be with you.  It's going to be sunny and in the low 80's all weekend.  Perfect weather for horse racing. Although I just heard some thunder rumbling. 

I've had an excellent week.  I've been walking on a regular basis, yoga, strength training with the bands and busy enough with adventures.  I'm also at the count down for the preparation of leaving for Tampa and making hotel reservations, etc.  I'm beginning to save time for those of you who have pre-booked.  Please don't wait until the last minute.  I just cannot screen and drive the car down I-95 at the same time. In most states now it's hands free with any device.

I'll only have one night in most cities so my availability is VERY limited.  In one case  Richmond on a Friday night, Raleigh, on a Saturday night. It's just how the travel days worked out.  I can't offer afternoon appts in every city when I'm only there overnight.  

Generally that means I'm available after 3pm until 10 or 11 am the next morning.  Only.  So please plan ahead if you are able.  When I'm staying two nights, DC, Greenville, SC and Atlanta, more availability is possible as I'll  have one full day. 

One of my new friends sent me an absolutely fabulous bouquet of two dozen white and blush roses for my birthday.  Hopefully we'll meet sooner than later somewhere between our abodes. He's on the left coast.  It's been exciting getting to know him via texting and phone calls.  Why?  He's an intelligent guy, already screened and he's gifted me for that time.  He appreciates and values it.  He's a lovely, thoughful, articulate gentleman and I can't wait to meet him. 

Something wonderful is happening.  It seems there are more of you who understand that volumes of communication between us is worthy of a gift.  Then I have no concerns that someone is wasting my time with no intention to ever meet. It happens to all us gals way too often. More then you'd ever imagine.  So a simple gesture as in a gift, gift card, small tribute through paypal changes the dynamics between us immensely.  It shows sincerity and that is the start of a  special relationship. Then I'm always excited to communicate during my busy day.

It's my intent and creation to change how I meet you.  As I've mentioned I'd rather Fly To You or have you Fly to Me then run all over the country touring.  It seems the universe is listening and inquiries are heading in that direction.  I can't wait to get to my Florida location and get it all set up for that eventuality.  Of course,  I can still offer both in Albany but times a wastin'.  It's only a month until I leave.  Remember to check my calendar for where I'll be on The Coming To Get You Tour south.

Will I fly across the pond or maybe even Australia?  Of course, with deposits and screening from hell!  lol Just kidding.  I'd LOVE to as long as I know I'll be safe.

It's time to get myself in gear.   Meditation,  yoga, a band session and then the magic begins for my 4pm adventure this afternoon.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,





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