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Hello Peeps,

I've been a day ahead the last two days.  Why?  No clue.  Maybe I need to start keeping a journal of my forgetfulness?  Or maybe there are just too many things on my mind?  Or maybe too many martinis?  Or maybe not enough?

I think it's a good thing that I'm all caught up on Grace and Frankie.  Their aging in plain sight story is getting to me I think.   My daughter says she'll be Frankie.  Me...yeah, Grace for sure.  Although I'd hope I'm not as cold hearted as she. I'm talking style rather than character traits. 

So  Wednesday's update just slipped by me.  Probably because a very old friend drove up from New Jersey yesterday.  We were trying to figure out when we first met and how old he was at that time.  We've concluded early 30's so it's at least ten years.  

As is his generous nature, he arrives with gifts and food.  He's a sweet, handsome bachelor who loves older blonde European looking women with big tata's.  Know anyone like that?  

Since he brought not one but two bottles of Cliquot plus a bottle of Ketel one...we had to open something.  It was the new Cliquot.  Or at least new to me.  A silver bottle and a tad sweeter then the yellow-orange labeled Cliquot which is very dry to my palate.  It reminded me of my old favorite Moet White Star, no longer made anywhere.  That was a sad day when the French decided to stop exporting their number one champagne in the US market.  Why?  Who knows but I've been on a quest for years trying to find a replacement champagne.  I think this will be it!

Then a bit later came a Skype request.  Since I was  ready for camera and just needed to do wardrobe we planned a short session.  Fun, as always.

Earlier in the week I finally connected with  a gent who was supposed to be a Sunday evening outcall to Saratoga at 9pm.  I am not fond of working later in the evening and the main reason is that you usually have planned a business dinner and they always run late and then it winds up being a later and later and I'm ready for my bed, not yours.  That happened two nights in a row that I said no and finally Tuesday  morning he managed to drive down.  Gorgeous and affectionate young man.  I'm glad we finally got to meet.  Very hot!

It's been a good week.  I'm having some trouble keeping my sleep clock steady.  So I'm trying to get up no later then 8am and get to sleep earlier.  

Already this morning I've finished booking all my hotels on the way to Florida.  DC folks....I'm staying in Arlington.  Gals have always said they like it and I've never tried it.  Plus the hotel rates are lower and so is the parking.  And it's steps from the station.  Should be easier for many of you.

Before lunch I'll do a yoga session and some resistance band training.  I've been lax the last few days in this fog I've been in.  Time to get with it and sharpen up!!!!

Tomorrow is a big day for my birthday.   Nails and a pedicure at 9am,  Alexx at 2:30,  a dinner date with a hot guy in the evening.  I'll be dessert.  

Interspersed with it all, I keep in touch with my new friend on the left coast who sent those gorgeous roses.  Hopefully we'll meet when I get to Tampa.  

Email,  or call, 518 258-0866 if we've met within the last year or so and if you'd like to make arrangements to meet during my "Coming To Get You Tour" south.  I would LOVE it if I didn't have to pay rip off Eros for ads on the way down. Have any of you been to Mature Sensual or Tryst yet? I'll be back on RSAVS in a couple of weeks. You should check those out!

Life is good and I made it another year in better shape then the last one.  

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,

Anneke photo shoot in Houston with  If you'd like to help sponsor it and the tour I'd appreciate it. I'll be there October 15-17, near the Galleria. 




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