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Good Morning My Darling Boys,

It was 64 this morning on the patio.   It was lovely for coffee.

To say that yesterday was one of the best and most interesting birthdays in a long, long time would be an understatement.  The pampering began with nails and a pedicure at 9am.  Then I took myself to lunch,  stopped at Home Goods to buy a new journal and a folder for my tax receipts. Yes, I file an extention and it's time to get them done.

Then a birthday phone call from my daughter and on to see Alexx for a kick ass reading. It's a time of metamorphosis and change for sure.  All in a good way.   The positioning for the change in the way I do business and the transistion back to Florida is timely.  I need to continue to work on manifesting what I've created before the end of the year.  Probably sounds like bull---t to you but I know exactly what he means.  It's all a direct result of the course I took the last year and a half and the work before all that. 

Alexx was having car trouble so he asked me to bring him to the nearby market.  As we were backing out of my spot., (I looked) the woman opposite me apparently did not and backed right into me.  Now, except for the right rear fender I have dings all the way around.   We didn't call the police as it was a parking lot deal and I have no intention of getting mine fixed even though it was her fault.  The car is so dinged up outside that it matters not.  

I said to Alexx...."I thought you said this was going to be a stellar day."  lol  But we were okay and so is the car to drive.  It just rattles like a bucket of bolts.  So much so I took it into a garage earlier this week to make sure nothing was loose or hanging underneath for the trip south.  It got a safe to drive ok but the mechanic could not find the noise either.  My son thinks it's something loose inside the truck lid.  Next, is getting it aligned for the long drive back. 

So I'm taking it down to him tomorrow and we're going to screw  the fenders for the drive south and get a can of black paint to touch up the scratches.  It's becoming an embarassment to drive.  But it runs great and it's paid for.

CTS.....I'm manifesting you although my car will be worth nothing upon trade in.

Once I got back home, changed for my date and he appeared laden with champagne and gifts, the magic began.  It was a wonderful evening and morphed naturally into overnight.  

We kissed goodbye this morning after coffee with plans to meet again before I leave. I filed an accident report, put some ice on my hip. Kind of got a workout.

Later an old Boston friend called who was here for the track and we had a leather fetish session for a bit.  I love it when folks I've met return.  I still have a leather carcoat he gifted me years ago. Hard to forget a sweetheart like that.

A note;  it's hot, hot, hot here and Alexx said I need to be very selective.  So...until I leave for Florida I am only meeting folks I know already OR you'll have to supply 3 recent references and your work reference to meet.  I'm not taking any shortcuts.  I have 7 calls after 11pm last night for folks to visit them. NOT happening!

Next I'm going to enjoy the day and the cooler weather.  I did not go to the track but I WILL get there before the season ends.

Tomorrow evening I have another dinner date with my very interesting friend from across the border.  Next week, I see the hip surgeon for follow up and I hope a busy week.  I do have to get those taxes done and sent to my Florida accountant.  

Life is good.  And I am a very happy girl the day after my big day!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,





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