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Good Morning/Peek of the Afternnon Boys,

It's cooler and a bit drier today.  A bit dampish to sit out early on.  It would be a perfect day for the track but I have an engagement.  I'll get there yet.

Tomorrow is the full moon and the last two nights my dreams have been vivid, detailed and long.  One I remember almost all and that never happens.  Last evening, I dreamt of my Grandma and Grandpa's flat in Scotia.  They both were wonderful people and I have many fond memories of visiting them on vacations and during the summer.  I loved them both!  She is close to me often. 

I saw my hip surgeon yesterday, the usual xray and I received a totally clean bill of health.  I don't see him for two years.  He said, you're doing great and you look great.  For him, that was a mouthful.  He's polite and while his bedside manner isn't exactly warm and fuzzy,  his skills as a surgeon are top notch.  Obviously,  I'm a result!

I'm very grateful believe me.  He reminded me to keep doing my rehab exercises.  No need...I've continued on my own.  Some days the hip reminds me that something happened and then I'll have a fast forward in the healing and I'm way ahead of where I was  in the weeks before.  Perfectly natural as it's a year to completely heal.  If it feels weird when we're having fun I'll say so and we'll do something else equally naughty!  Luckily, I seem to have few limitations! 

It's been a good week so far and tomorrow evening my birthday guy is coming to take me to dinner and then an evening of passion.  It's one of those....we fit from the moment we met.  I'm liking it and it will put a little wrinkle in heading south.  However, that is why there are airplanes if we want to keep this lovely thing that we seem to have going!  Plus since tomorrow night is a full moon it will have the added touch of magic!

The  fetish teaser video I filmed in Florida the end of May is finally up.  If you're on Twitter you'll see it at my page @Annekenordstrum.  If not and you are a member here, it's now available now for your viewing.   Free of course.  Just go to  the gallery page and scroll down.  In a day and a half since it went up it's had 4.4 K views on twitter.

Sunday I drove the hour south to my sister's and my son worked on the body of my car. It's now 11 years old and it's had it's share of mishaps.  Never anything major but when fenders and bumpers are made of plastic and snape together it doesn't take much to have them come loose.  It also seems to be a fault of Nissan Altima's that the front fenders come loose on their own with use.  I've laughed seeing others of the same model suffering the same indignity.

My very first ding was backing up after a day long video shoot with Kimberly Kupps at her Lake Wales home.  It was late and I didn't see the plastic trash cans so the A at the end of Altima is slightly dented and crooked.  What a reminder of a wild and crazy day!  It was an outrageous shoot and she still looks fabulous.  If you don't know who she is you should!  Sweet, sweet gal!

At least now,  everything is tightened up, screwed together and touched up with matching paint.  I'm happy with the car again and I'll keep driving it until that Red CTS comes my way.  It's in excellent condition inside so I'm glad the outside is looking better!

Not much else new.  I'll always keep you in the loop if something fun happens.  REMEMBER I'M ONLY IN ALBANY 20 MORE DAYS.   What are you waiting for? ( I wrote that earlier.  Today turned out to be my busiest day since before my surgery.)

Philly....YOU are my first stop.  Don't leave me twiddling my thumbs there at the airport.  You may pre-book anytime at my Reserve Me page here.

Still, Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...My Atlanta location is changed to BUCKHEAD now.  


New Little Black Dress                                                 

New top.  Both from 




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