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Hello My Darling Boys,

This week has whizzed by.  It was soggy and grey this morning but the sun is out now for a few minutes before it disappears again and rain heads into the Capital District this evening.

Great response, while slowed down, to the new fetish teaser.  We were at 6.6K this morning.  My Florida videographer is so excited and dreaming up new ideas for shoots when I return.  Stay tuned!

 It's been a really good week, business wise.   Personally, undoubtedly one of the best in a long, long time.  The last two nights my new guy and I have spent together, learning, exploring and making love.....all night long.  You've all been there, the "I just can't get enough of you,  OMG is this really happening?"  A lot of fun and a little bit scary. 

In May, we finally did our Creation lists in group for what we desired in our lives.  Of course, business and how I market, focus and steer it to be more successful were on the top ot the list.  In the 100% category of  how much do you want this?

All the things on the list got rated and some things upon rethinking were edited, set aside or I realized they really didn't matter that much.  When I went back each time three items were still 100%.   Changing the way I do business and regaining my position as a top mature provider in the world.  Of course there are many subheadings as how to achieve those. And the second,  finding a companion and a lover.  I'd fine tuned the subheadings, qualities, etc. years ago. 

Kind, funny, intelligent, good looking, younger then I, someone who could accept what I do for a living and my lifestyle and someone who would adore me and let me adore him. Oh, there's lots more but you get the drift.  I put that tall order on my creation list and sent it out into the Universe.  Right away, Mr. 6'7" showed up but I knew at the start it could never be serious.  He is a wonderful  person with some issues in life.  He wouldn't fix them and sure didn't want anyone else helping him.  Nor should they.  We had a great time but we moved on.  The big lesson for me was that I was ready for the one who would be best fo me.  I'd had the first taste of companionship in a long time but there was better in store for me.

I think he's shown up.  I'm so smitten with this lovely man.  We're both a bit scared and very excited.  And.... since I have to leave in less then three weeks we're trying to pack in all the good stuff before I go with our own businesses to consider.  It's really fun and we're both grown up enough to know that if it's supposed to work, despite the distance, it will. 

When I'm gone he's still a man with needs that he should enjoy when I'm not there to share them.  If we communicate honestly we'll be fine.  After all,  I am a lifestyle partaker.  It's only fair. 

Me....I'm pretty blessed to have you guys.  I have friendship, romance, a bit of kink, some naughty stuff and you go on your merry way.  

I know that many of you are rooting for me in my personal life.   That's part of the reason you read this journal from time to time and some, faithfully.  This very personal and long missive is to let you know that someone good has come into my life and I'm very happy.   

But that doesn't diminish how blessed I feel to have all of YOU as friends, lovers and partners in adventure and hope that we'll continue to share those delights for many years to come.  I still love my profession and the friendships I've made over the years.  You all are special to me. 

Thankfully,  I have a HUGE sexual appetite.   My beau calls me the Anne-gizer bunny.  We all know it's true. 

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Curly                                                                                Straight   Fresh from the hair salon. 


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