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Hello My Naughty Boys,

It's about 28 in Albany, sunny and crisp this morning.  I'm about 50 minutes north of my incall so it's at least 3 degrees colder.  The view of the Adirondack Mountains this morning is lovely.

Albany had 22.6 inches of snow, ending late Monday night/Tuesday morning. Some places had more. 

No problems flying down on Tuesday.  No Southwest cowboy landings or problems.  No delays despite an air transportation system that had been messed up for two days of snow and cancellations with a Thanksgiving holiday public trying to get home.  Yes, some flights were overbooked but my ticket was secure.

Southwest had sent me some free drink tickets so I used them on both legs of my Albany to Baltimore to Tampa flight.  No doubt I arrived relaxed and happy.  

We had some errands to run so I dropped off my luggage at my incall and we immediately headed North.  Even in the dark, the side roads of Saratoga county were breathtaking.  Majestic pines still hugging onto their snowy packages.

I had two sessions booked Wednesday so I borrowed my beau's car and headed south.  It was great seeing old friends and after I headed north again.  I will be burning miles on the Northway this trip for sure. 

Thursday morning we packed up and headed to NYC.  The roads were clear and the traffic was fine until we hit the FDR.  Not bad but like always,,,,you never know what's going to happen when you drive into the city.

Lovely accomodations, a drink in our room and then calling Uber and heading to Radio City Music Hall. Many of the streets are closed in the theater disctrict and by Rockerfeller Plaza.  The Uber driver had to make several detours to get to Radio City.  Luckily, we were there in time to clear will call, be herded into the hall's lines and through security.

It surprised me that we had to have bags searched and a metal detector but then's an enormous soft target and I was much more comfortable knowing there was  security.

Our seats were 3 rows back from the stage.  Great seats and close to see what the organist was doing as he offered the pre-show entertainment.  You can have a laugh about this....for several years I was a church organist so I have a "thing" for Pipe and Theater organs.  I sat back and thoroughly enjoyed his selections, my seat mate kind of shocked that there was this side of me he did not know about.  

I cannot offer enough praise for the wonderful show, the Rockettes, the technology now, the fabulous choroeography and the beautiful message of the holidays woven throughout the show.  Tears and smiles on my part and I loved every minute.

After, just a short walk to Rockerfeller Plaza and THE tree.  Everywhere we walked was packed with tourists.  The night was fairly mild, no snow had managed to hit the city and it was perfect.  

We walked to 5th and then to St. Patrick's Cathedral.  The renovation is now complete and it's beautiful.  Packed with the curious and the faithful.  We each lit candles for family and friends and were in awe as we circled the stations of the cross.  

After, we walked to Lexington and a NYC dining favorite, Le Relais de Venesia.  Back to our room and the continuation of a magical evening in the city.  The next morning we walked to breakfast,  took a cab back to the hotel and then packed up and left. 

We stopped at my sister's in Kingston to pick up her car.  She's generously allowed me to borrow it for at least part of my stay.  

He headed home.  I chatted with my Sis for a bit and then headed in the same direction, planning to stop at the grocery store and stock up the incall for what I might need when I'm there.  He called and said I-87 was a parking lot and there were accidents everywhere.  It had started to snow lightly early on the way back from Kingston but the Dept. of Transportation hadn't planned ahead it seemed. The roads were wet and when the temp dropped below 32 all hell broke loose on the interstate.

I said I'd stop for groceries and check in at the incall.  A few minutes later he called again and said it's so bad... I said I'd stay put,  make the sauce, meatballs and sausage we'd planned for dinner and see what happened.  

Finally, the Dept. of Transportation caught up, commuter time was over and I could load up the fresh sauce, groceries and head north. No problems now.  What a difference a couple of hours and salt on the roads make.

Both today's adventures cancelled so I'm probably hanging around up here and tonight is dinner in again and a movie.  

I'm available at the incall tomorrow through the 16th.  So, if you want to meet, please allow time for me to get down there, prep and be ready to fulfill your fantasies.  

I'm looking forward to continuing the fun until I have to head back to Tampa.  And I'm not in a hurry to have the time pass.  

It's beautiful here and life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,


PS.....I am going to have to build a new website.  My webmistress at Veda, who designed this has disappeared and time is running out for http: being changed to https:.  It will be similar to this with a store for videos/panties/stockings,etc added down the road.  Membership to view xxx and adult content and/or be on my mailing list will still be free.  It's time to freshen it up and simplify it's use.  Text wise also. 

I am NOT going to the new long scroll format some are using.  It will continue to have tabs at the top and then long scroll menu for mobile.  I'm fairly certain that I've lost hundreds of Reserve ME requests in the last 4 years.  The page just doesn't work correctly.  If you've spent time filling it out to see it disappear.  my apologies.  I've also tried to get that corrected over the years to no avail.  It's time for a change and hopefully for the better.  Suggestions are welcome before we begin work, which will probably be in the next week of so. 


Backyard snow...NYC before we go out...Rockerfeller Center. 


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