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Hello Darlings,

It's 16 at my playroom and heading to 30 later.  But the sun finally came out yesterday and most of the snow of last week is gone after two days of warmer air and rain.

Now it's starting to look yukky.  Luckily,  I was able to enjoy the first big snow last week.  Just lovely.

Sunday evening was a party in my friend's apartment building.  Two neighbors, who live opposite each other, opened their doors and folks wandered back and forth, with a jazz trio playing in one...copious amounts of food in each.  These are mostly all neighbors in the building and what a great bunch of folks.  We had a good time! 

Monday at noon my fav couple returned.  We caught up, shared a drink and had a fun playtime.  They are absolutely adorable and I love seeing them.  Two others who booked didn't happen and that seems to be the norm for my Hometown this trip.  Very disappointing business wise.

I headed back up the Northway for a lovely dinner and relaxing evening.  Yesterday I had two more bookings and the first showed up for a BDsm encounter.  A first timer with bizarre expectations who "left his wallet in the car."  Nothing had occurred yet and when I saw him drive away I wasn't surprised. 

You know the expression, "young, dumb and full of ......?"  He called me from around the corner and told me he had wanted me to beat him the moment he came in my door.  And why didn't I do this or that...lalala.  Apparently he didn't realize you don't tell the Mistress what to do.  I blocked him.

The next adventure rescheduled for yesterday.  Another great meal and romantic evening awaited me as I drove north.

Later, the phone rang and it was Mr Bizarre with a different number.  He begged for another chance.  But the demands for what had to happen and immediately... continued and spilled into yesterday morning.  I told him he wasn't to tell me how to do my job.  I doubted he'd show up this afternoon and that's exactly what happened.

The second adventure disappeared too.  And when I entered his phone he popped up as a previous no call/no show  in Syracuse some time ago that had not come up in screening.  So again no surprise.  But this time he's now blacklisted as will be the crazy so called slave.  

But there was a full moon last night and when you think about it, the bizarre behavior of the last two days is not surprising.  

My friend stopped by after a business call and we had dinner at my favorite restaurant.  It was lovely as always and I even got a kiss from Santa.  I decided to spend the night down here at my incall playroom 

Florida has been calling while I'm away and adventures are awaiting my return.  Why is that?  You want me where I am not? LOL

Today I'm going to try and see my brother and his wife if it works for them.  If not, there's still more time before I head back.  I want to make a trip to the memorial gardens to leave a wreath.  Now that the snow is gone I can find the exact location of the marker.  Then perhaps a trip to Macy's to do some Christmas shopping.  

Life is good.  Now come and see me Albany before I have to head back to Florida!  xo

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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