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Hello Luvs,

I know, I know...I've been lazy with updates this week.  After Tuesday's debacle getting home in a snow storm and terrible weather all the way south I was BEAT that evening.  I had someone waiting to play but I just could not.  You know I had to be pooped to pass up a playtime.

Luckily, I was rested enough Wednesday to get out the crops, buckle him up to the cross, belt on the strap on and have my way with him.  He was gracious enough to wait.  We had a wild ass-d time and hope to repeat it next week when he returns to Florida.  

Some really good things have happened this week.  First, we heard TER had reinstated our reviews but you still had to have VPN to access them. For those of you who don't know that is  It was the world's largest review site at one time until they bailed the US after Fosta/Sesta.  Even better, now YOU can access TER and my reviews without VPN.  Yep, there for all to see all 190 plus of them.  Of course there are no new ones after late 2017. Just search for Anneke Van Buren.

For those of you who I've met since then and have wanted to post one, please ask me before you do.  I have always had mixed emotions about TER.  However I'm open to the process.

Yesterday and today I've had playtimes and tomorrow morning another.  Then there are adventures planned for after Christmas.

Socially I headed to St. Pete Friday night and the Mahaffey Theater and a performance of The Messiah with the Florida Orchestra and the Masterworks Chorale.  It was a surprisingly easy 45 mintue drive over and back.  The temperature in the theater must have been freezing but after a rousing audience sing in of the Hallelujah Chorus, with parts, the atmosphere definitely warmed.

Last night was a goodbye party for the gal who helped me cleaning my place before hip surgery.  She's in love and moving to Brooklyn.  I'm very happy for her an her beau.

I have no plans for Christmas Eve except for a little church around the corner.  Christmas Day dinner is with friends.  Then it's back to naughtiness and fun.  Of course there is always time for some fun on either day.  Just plan ahead.

This journal is going to return to full decadence.  I've been circumspect.  That's changing and returning to more in depth details of good times as in the past.  Thank you for being patient with me as I navigated a relationship and business. It seems those details of relationships are business killers here. 

I'm over 80K of followers on twitters, planning a new website, new teasers, new films. MORE naughtiness. Hell no, I'm not retiring.  I'm just getting started with a new hip, a new body and an even greater zeal for sex.

Let's get it started.  I will be around Tampa until late March when I head to Albany to close the incall up there.  I'll be selling all the furniture and stuff so if you visited and there's anything you want, let me know. Then I'll rent a car, throw in the clothes and small things I want to keep and head back to Florida.  Full time.  Yes, I'll do some touring.

Albany business is dying.  If you want me to me to you. 

Merry Christmas,  Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to you all!

Life is good when you have options.  And I do.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddes and GILF,


Selfies since I've returned.  Redesigned playroom.  Concert, party attire.



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