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Good Morning Peeps,

Saturday the 28th.

It was 71 when I awakened.   It's going to stay cloudy and gray most of the day with showers arriving this afternoon.  I feel badly for those who had traveled to Florida in need of some sun time and a tan.  It will be close to 80 this afternoon and humid.  Any thoughts I'd entertained about wearing my hair straight are out the window.

I've been busy crowding all my personal items from the bigger side of the incall into the playroom side.  The one bedroom side is going into the rental pool during "the season."  Yes, I'll miss all the space but I will love the rental $$$'s that will be added to my bank account.  We play on the playroom side anyway.  I doubt it will make much difference in how much fun we have.  

One  year, 2015-16  I rented just that side.  I spent my winter there and when I'd fly down every 3-4 months to get my hormone implant.  It worked well then and now, with the St. Andrew's cross too I know we'll  still get into all kinds of mischief.

It's a teeny kitchen and frig but I have a bigger frig out on the patio so lots of refreshments will still be available. It's a LOT of work but it forces me to get rid of more stuff that I really don't use or need.  Not a bad thing to do as we head into the new year.  Put aside that which does not serve you and get rid of it.  Sometimes that is people also.  It's amazing how much stuff we manage to accummulate.  

I'm still doing Keto but am beginning to enter one of those "plateaus" that are mentioned.  I've researched why and how to break it.  More protein, less fat as this progresses.Of course, consistent exercise.   My friend up north asked me to watch a show on Netflix called Game Changers.  It's about the merits and health benefits of a plant based diet.  The Roman gladiators were vegetarians as well as many current day elite atheletes.

Fascinating stuff and it makes sense but I don't think it can work for me.  I wish him well on this adventure if he attempts to change his lifestyle.  

I love my meat.   Nuff said.

Not much else new.  I'm invited to a house party New Year's Eve at a B and B in our resort that has an indoor swimming pool.  I'll let you know how it was.  It's very luxurious and over the top decor.  Should be fun.  However....if YOU want to play New Year's Eve, I"m still available.  Friends understand. 

Thursday evening I went up to the other resort for ladies night.  What did I wear?  That hot red dress from the photo shoot last fall.  You know...the mini dress with the cleavage spilling out.  Thankfully it fits much better without the extra padding I've lost.  I even wore 4" cheetah patterned heels but I'll confess I took them off on the dance floor.  I'm still not used to dancing in stilts.

This will be a busy weekend with adventures and trying to take down the Christmas decorations and getting the big side ready for New Year's Eve guests.  BUT I'll have time to play if you'll make advance plans for any kind of naughtiness.  Skype included. 

Sunday the 29th.

I worked my butt almost off yesterday but no way could I finish all I had to do.  My gal pal down the hall and I went for a casual dinner and then a drink at her place after.  I was beat.

My eyes popped open early and the task continued.  I had a 12 and a 2 adventure so the push was on to get the Playroom up to snuff.  The 12 no showed. I could have used that time to continue.  But now I was showered and dolled up.  More work and my 2 asked for 2:30 instead.  He arrived and said he'd scored big time at the Resort pool with other visitors so he was too tired to repeat.  We had a glass of wine and rescheduled for tomorrow. 

My body needed a break anyway.  No exercise and too much lifting, lugging and being on my feet for the last 3-4 days. 

I headed to the Imperial buffet for an early dinner.  Asian, with the usual, but if you are careful some of the selections are really great.  WHY folks go to an Asian buffet and eat pizza and french fries is beyond me.  Maybe because it's cheap. The dinner buffet is 13.99 and includes raw oysters and crab legs as well as shrimp, sushi plus the usual stuff. Their soups are great and I had a bowl of Miso today. Just what my tired body needed.

So, I'm taking it easy tonight.  I'm going to work a bit on emptying the fridge.  I have 2 small refrigerators on the studio side so I'll have adequate room.  I won't be making any big gala dinners the next four months however. Unless there is a break in the rentals and then I just unlock the door and use the whole place and the big kitchen.

I found a small smart tv at Target and that's all set up so I can be pretty cosy in that big canopy king sized bed during this season.  All my toys, equipment, tools and wardrobe are steps away. 

Life is good!

Come play with me.

Your VERY Naughty, Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Wet hair

Ladies night!







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