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Hello My Bad Boys,

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here in Land O Lakes, FL.  71 right now and 33% humidity.

I did the final clean of the big side of my apartment yesterday and wound up with another pile in the studio.  After  another trip to my storage room I'm really pleased with how it looks and functions.   Romance, naughtiness and fetishes will abound.  You pick and choose your fantasies. 

My Monday Fetish adventure stopped by to bring me some beautiful red roses. Pic below.  It's amazing because I was in the mood to buy some for myself.  I was feeling a little punky with this downsizing and it was the perfect mood lifter.

He's having a great time here at our resort, even looking at properties to buy.  This place and the ease of life and the non-judgemental attitude of folks here tends to send folks in that direction.  They don't want to leave!

My friend up north told me Tampa now has the second hottest real estate market in the country.  A far cry from 2011 when I short saled my little condo for 40% of it's value and moved back up north with my tail between my legs.  This nudist resort has not recouped it's value pre-2008 but it is gradually edging upward.  If new ownership that cares buys the resort I predict housing and rental property values will soar.  

If you're a nudist...there's Arizona and Florida in the winter.  

Speaking of nudists I went to a house party in our complex last evening.  The home had an indoor pool and jacuzzi.  I brought a bottle of Prosecco and the fruit plate that was requested.  The dress I wore is below.  Why in the hell I wore a thong I do not know as sequins covered all the private areas and I'm a nudist for heaven's sake.  Having a blonde moment I guess.  Nice folks but I just wasn't in the mood to play with anyone.  I'll let you surmise why.  I was home and asleep at 10:30 but I awakened right at midnight when the fireworks started going off.

A quick Happy New Year on Twitter and it was back to bed.  

The remainder of this week looks promising and I'm looking forward to tweaking the decor of the studio.  It's actually working out really well and I think I'll be comfortable here for the next four months.

My friend Lady Terrice is semi retiring as a dom so she let me have my pick of her paddles and bamboo sticks. She's saving a queening chair for me.

The rest are mine.  She'll be available for duos upon occasion but only with very advance notice.    

It's a quiet but lovely evening tonight.  Tomorrow morning the fun resumes.  Can't wait!

Life is good.  I'm looking forward to lots of great things this upcoming year.  YOU are amongst them.

I'm ALSO Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend as well as Goddess and Gilf,


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