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Hello My Darlings,

It was a monsoon day today.   Mid-morning the heavens opened and it poured for a long time.  It's been cooler and gray ever since.  67 right now.  Yeah.....I know...some of you would kill for 67 right now.  This week upcoming looks beautiful.

Book your airfare NOW if you're fed up with winter already and want to come down in Feb. or March.  There still are some reasonable flights.  But not many.

Folks traveling south this New Year's week have been visiting and today was no exception.  However, today an alpha male, always in control wanted to be controlled by a dominant woman.  To the cross for him but no whips, pain, chains, none of that stuff.  Just good old fashioned tease and denial and anal play.  On him.  I have to train him to accept the strap on dildo but smaller toys worked well today.  

For some of you that's an.......ouch!  Until you try it for the first time.  Gentle play and prostate massage can induce the "blow the top of your head off orgasm like you've never had before."  It doesn't mean you are gay.....just open minded to extra pleasure.

I'm still doing Keto but today was one of those days that I needed BREAD!  It has been forever  since I'd also been trying to avoid gluten even before the Keto.   I headed up to Larry's Deli on 41, north of me.  Super Cuban sandwiches, subs and sandwiches of all kinds.  Boar's Head meat of course.  I ate half for lunch, the rest will be for dinner and tomorrow it's back on the Keto wagon.  Pic below to show it's still taking me slowly down!

Of course, faithfulness in the gym and yoga is the frosting on the cake of weight loss. I love it when I put lingerie on and have to move the fasteners to smaller.  It's a good feeling!  I have some gorgeous stuff that I can't wait to wear. The goal is another 13 pounds. 

Of course, having the hip replaced and fixed was the key.  Unfortunately, some of you took that to mean that I'd never be any good again.  And stopped calling.  Actually, I'm moving perfectly, feel and many say look younger then I have in over 10 years.  Some said, "don't tell them Anneke."  Well, that's not my style.  I am being truthful when I'm say, I think I'm better then ever.  And I sure have a hell of a lot more experience under my .....belt?  Strap on?  Mouth? P....  oh you get the drift. lol  

I'll be here in Tampa/Land O Lakes until April....toward the end of.

Here's the big news!!!!  I'm going to try to keep the Albany incall until at least November 1.  Longer if you Albany folks start showing up again.  NO excuses now.  TER is back up, you can read reviews.  I have a new one on www.eroticmonkey.com and it's a 5 out of 5. 

Not bad for a GILF!  Remember, plan ahead and prepare to screen if we've never met.  It won't kill you OR expose you.  Only if YOU are not careful.  I am.

Life is good

Love, Kisses and Hugs,



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