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Hello Peeps,

I've been amiss in posting.  No excuse outside of other activities going on. This morning is beautiful.  Now 75 with a high of 81 today.  I'll include Sunday update that I didn't update. 

Sunday the 12th.

It's currently 77 here.  A high of 83 expected.  The humidity is high but it's party cloudy so it's a very pleasant morning to sit on my patio and have my Keto coffee.  

There are folks staying next door for one night so I refrained from firing up the blender to froth the coffee until I heard them up.  They are out of here by 11am.  It actually works well.  I just unlock the studio door and voila....the whole place is mine again.  

Rhoda, my cleaning lady,  actually my iRobot, had a run through.  I'll change the sheets and wash the towels and clean the bathroom and that's about it.  Easy peasy. 

I still have this sexy, kinky playroom to myself and my friends when the other side is occupied.  One of the benefits of living in a lifestyle resort is that no one is getting aggravated if you happen to hear a moan or groan from next door.  It's sort of "music to the ears."

Friday night was a sponsored lifestyle party at our club so I met my old neighbor there.  I wore my thighhi gold snakeskin boots and a little bit of this and that.  The place was pretty full and it was great to see friends I've known for a long time.  Some almost 20 years.  Where did all that time go?  It felt great to go out on that dance floor again and shake my thang!  A little "late night" cardio. 

I do know I've had a lot more fun here then any one person should be entitled to!  While you hear my b---h about the current owner it's still a great place to live.  You don't have to be a swinger but it's sure exciting to be in that atmosphere of sexual sizzle.   Many couples just come to be IN it to spice up their own lives.  And that's enough.  There are all levels of swinging and no right or wrong as long as both are in agreement and consenting. 

Those looking in from the vanilla world don't get it.  That's fine......we do!

So come over....take your clohes off and spend the day in the sun.  You'll get to know some of the finest folks you've you've ever met.  We're all shapes and sizes so perfection is not necessary in the nudist world.  It's about being free to be yourself.   

It's also a place where we take care of each other and there is no judgement.  THAT is rare in this world!

I have a playmate at noon and them I'm heading out for groceries for dinner.  I'm having my couple friends over to catch up.  Next month, my English buddy will return.  There's always something or someone returning to  look forward to.

Wednesday the 15th.

The week has been a blur.  Sessions, skype, gym, it's all good.  I have a dinner date with a long time friend this evening.  Tomorrow is fully booked, afternoon and evening.  I only schedule one or two max a day.  I believe it's a whole lot more fun when you're not squeezing "another" in to make more money.  Plus, it's always risky booking last minute. 

About 10 days ago a new friend that I'd been corresponding with for months arrived from the frozen midwest.  He'll be living and working in Florida until late spring.  He had asked me if I'd like a pair of cowboy boots and gave me a choice of styles.  I said yes.  I honestly did not think they would show up but he had them all wrapped when we met.  They are handmade and absolutely gorgeous.  I'll wear them soon with something very short I think.  But they'll look great with any type of attire.  They are that beautiful.  Pic below.  In addition, we had a great time and he was a wonderful lover.

www.slixa.com is making some major changes to it's marketing so hopefully, if you don't go there directly it will start showing up more in the search engines.  I'd really love to see it be more of a presence than Eros. For those of you who have found me on Eros over the years, I thank you.  But they are not nice to us gals. 

The weather is gorgeous here now and spring training starts soon.  I'm not far from any of the training camps and their stadiums.  Plus, I do offer outcall to you with advance notice.  Remember, it's always summer in Florida!

On another note, I lightened the decor in the playroom.  It was feeling too dark and confining. More Parisian french, (combo of contemporary and traditional french design.)  Some of you notice, some never.  lol

Life is good!  

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,




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