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Good Morning Peeps,

Yesterday.  (Yeah, I know,  I'm getting bad.) 

Folks north of us were covering their plants last night.  I didn't even think about doing that.  I just looked and thankfully they are okay.  It's not supposed to be as cold tonight.  People here will have the winter gear on today.  Kind of funny when you think about it but the tourists can't be happy.  Oh well, it's still probably a heat wave compared to Minnesota!

Lots going on in my personal life.  Not all ducky but life goes on.  The good news is I feel great and I'm still going to the gym and doing keto.  

One of my close friends here almost lost her husband over the weekend.  He is 10 years younger than her but he had a heart attack and a stroke.  Thankfully 911 medics were there in 5 minutes and they saved him.  He had a 99% blockage.  Yes, they put in stents and he's expected to make a complete recovery.  Another's wife is struggling with the complications from cancer treatments.  She's younger then he also.  As my gal pal down the hall says....it doesn't matter what your age is. 

It all reminds us that we are guaranteed no time on this planet and we'd best use it wisely.  Which has prompted me to make an attitude adjustment toward dating.  I'm back in the dating pool.  Sink or swim.   Although wading through the idiot emails on the old site I belonged to is amusing.  Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained and I know I look a whole lot better then the last time I dipped my toes in the pool.  I know, the person inside is more important but it doesn't hurt to look good when you're putting yourself out there.  I'm going to be brutally selective.  I owe that to myself. 

After all, I have you, my darling boys for my sensual needs.  I can BE picky dating. 

It's been quiet this week after the last two weeks being busy and great.   Don't forget me!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,


Before a "diet coke" date Tuesday afternoon.  NO match. LOL







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