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Hello My Darling Boys,

It's 69 with 41% humidity this afternoon.  We had a couple of cold days this week.  There were all kinds of funny tweets about watching out for falling iguanas.  Or "iguana drop."

Since they are cold blooded creatures their body temperature goes down with the outside temp.  Below 40 degrees they freeze up and drop out of the trees.  They're not dead, just kind of paralyzed.  Cure, pick them up and move them in the sun or put a blanket over them.  I don't know why but I found it hilarious.  Then I remembered my daughter had one from baby to huge and it had to have a heat lamp in it's cage.  And the thing was a major pain in the butt to take care of.

So that's my big story for the week.  VERY slow this week but the log jam broke this morning.  Praise be!

However, I did have a really nice lunch date Thursday afternoon.  We'd exchanged emails, text and phone calls up and until a year ago but our schedules never meshed.  Tall, lean, elegant, smart, spiritual gent.  I think we'll meet again.  Just fun. 

But right now, my heart isn't ready for a lot of anything as it heals.  I do know one thing, if I fall in love again YOU sure are not going to hear about it.  My business took a nose dive when I told you about my Albany beau.  Even he told me to stop writing about us. 

So....I'm really horny and would like nothing better than  the wonderful lovers and friends I've met here to return.  I need a hug and many orgasms!

I feel great but I've been seeing my old chiropractor in South Tampa for a sore right arm.  He's getting this body all back on track.  I had overcompensated for the bad hip for years. If any of you in Tampa need a good one let me know.  He's fantastic and does not string you along with endless appts..  And he'll refer you to the MD's when he should.  When he did my xrays he said the hip looks fantastic.  I could have told him that!  It was great to see it for myself though.

I'd stopped the weights but he's got me back lifting light weights, higher reps.  Still doing yoga and the bike. I see a difference in my gait and my range of motion since I went back so I'm hoping to get even stronger and MORE fit.

Life is good!  Watch out!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


One of my twitter followers did this vintage pic from 3 years ago.  Hear me roar!!

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