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Hello Peeps,

Just a quickie update as I don't have anything new and exciting to report.  As the header said, 51 this morning, but with my fuzzy, warm bathrobe it was fine to sit on my patio and do my gratitude list.  High of 72 today.  Perfect!

It's dead.  I'll never understand why it was crazy for two weeks and then deader then a doornail the last 10 days.  Tampa guys.......where the heck are you?  I am SO horny and if it weren't for the gym and friends I'd be bored out of my mind.

Although....my videographer here and I met yesterday with plans to expand my YouTube site.  He showed me how to update it and how to film myself with my Iphone for frequent vanilla updates.  It seems you want to see those too.  So, I'm getting ready to do so.  We're also going to be filming xxx soon so I'm looking for hot, fit, younger guys that I know to join me.  We don't have to show your face but you do have to complete the compliance forms for www.annekexposed.com   It's only for my eyes, my custodian of records and if I ever get audited.  It's the law.

I'm thinking I'll go to the free night and karaoke at the club tonight.  I am going stir crazy.  Thankfully, there are some interesting people on the swinger's dating site but I'm not in a hurry.  Although I can say I'm doing really well  at the end of up North.  And I'm excited to move forward and to focus mostly on work.

I'm kind of stuck on Keto right now, it happens, so I went out and ate carbs yesterday after doing a little research on how to break the logjam.   Back on it today.  I think I have to stop putting the heaping tablespoon of  Hershey's dark chocolate powder in my coffee bomb.  lol  Still too many carbs even without sugar. 

I do feel great though and today will be upper body weights and cardio.  After, maybe a nice salad with lots of fat dressing and either shrimp or chicken on it.  It's not that hard to do.

Just got the news that Eros greatly increased the price of our ads, charging us for every single catogory as well as every city.  PLEASE start using someone else.  Slixa, Tryst, TSFME, P411, RSAVS...anyone except them.  They are losing business so they are taking it out on the remaining clients. Us. 

What I'd really enjoy would be a playmate for a long, naughty session and lots of orgasms.  I can feel that it's going to be soon.

So.....life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess, Playmate with no strings and GILF,


After the gym yesterday.  


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