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Hello My Darling Boys,

Even though it's 64, it's gray, damp and not so nice.  Kind of a raw day and not in a good way.  Still, it's better then 37 in Albany!

It's been kind of a crazy week.  Slow, but that gave me time to begin work on adding new content each day to YouTube.  They've already listed it as adult content.  Even though it's a far cry from anything like that.

You can cut and paste this link to it.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJG0oRBzvjZfkP_JX095bmQ?view_as=subscriber  or just go to YouTube..search for Anneke Van Buren.  Please subscribe if it doesn't compromise you.

Eros has added to the list of ripping us off.  They are charging $25 when you change a photo.  This was always free and we're the ones doing the work.  They only have to let their robots look at it and turn us down.  

I think he's cut his staff way back because they are losing money.  IMHO  Interestingly enough the analytics from my YouTube channel say over 50% over the viewers come from Eros.  They stay where they are because they are high in the search engines, not because they are the best.  Although www.tryst.link comes up number 1 in the search engines for mature escorts tampa.  I've yet to meet someone from that site. But they are Australian so they don't seem to care what our Federal government does to stop providers from advertising.

Thursday evening I had a request to head to Orlando for a BDsm session.  This wasn't going to be one of those sensual domination, fetishy, easy peasy ones.  He wanted extreme bondage. And he wasn't kidding and he was willing to gift for it.  Yes, I go to Orlando but it's close to a 2 hour drive each way with the horrendous traffic to get to it. 

He was near the convention center and the hotel was packed. After some stupid directions to his room I arrived to find him bound and gagged.  How it did it to himself must have taken some real work. By now, I was thoroughly annoyed at almost leaving because I couldn't find his room. I entered, yelling, and grabbed my flogger,  smacking his naked butt.  You're thinking..holy crap Anneke!  Actually this is just what he wanted.  I got my annoyed out of my system and he was humiliated. 

I know, it's a different world.  I made him stand, he was blindfolded too and led him to his bedroom.  On the floor, I bound him even tighter as he had managed to get out of the additional ropes I had tied when I arrived.  This time he couldn't escape and I continued with a very long session of bondage, sensory deprivation and tease and denial.  He was throbbing but begged me not to let him cum.  I had no intentions of doing so.  

Finally I took a small vibrating dildo to him, on and off of him, back and forth until he finally begged me through the gag to let him finish.  He exploded all over my stockinged feet.  

Actually I found it to be a very challenging and exciting session.  Thank goodness I didn't have to do those fancy bondage knots.  I flunked that badge in girl scouts. 

Today my tenants for two months move in so you'll be visiting the playroom.  It's all ready for whatever we can imagine. 

This afternoon I have a swingers site date.  We're going to have a casual lunch and chat more.  Seems really nice on the phone and I didn't hear any heavy breathing nor did he ask me what I was wearing.  We mostly talked about where we came from in life.  Refreshing.  You guys can do that to me but casual dates...nah!

Life is good. Now get yourselves up here or on Skype.   I'm needing a little sumpthin, sumpthin and I bet you are also.  Remember if I've already met  you, you can book a half hour.  Still advance notice though babes!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...it look like twitter ended the shadow ban.  Fingers crossed!

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