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Hi Boys,

It was warmer today but the temps are heading back down for a few days.  Still, compared to the frozen north I will NOT complain.

Let me explain something. I still have the same fantasy playroom that we always use.  I have not moved someplace else.  I  have tenants on the other side but they are never here.  They use the place as a stop over as they visit family that lives elsewere in Florida.  Fun, older folks who have been swingers forever so it's not going to matter even if they are here.  It's a lifestyle resort.  No one cares what anyone else does and it's a discreet setup. 

So, when you come to see me again come to the door with the dogwood wreath on it, not Trevor, my dog on the step side.

I'm having my hair highlighted tomorrow so the next pics you see I will be more blonde again.  I am a blonde at heart but what is really funny is that the older I get the darker my hair becomes.  I have almost no gray hair.  I find that really weird as my sister is all gray and white haired now and she's younger.  Must be the hormone implant, (which I got Tuesday again) and all those great orgasms.

You tube is slowly adding subscribers.  I'm updating a new video every day but they are mostly short and sweet.  Tomorrow will be something sexier but still acceptable to stay on there.  You'll see a couple of stills before I shoot below.

It's quiet again but I've had fun with friends.  Tomorrow evening I'm beginning a new group study with them based on a book called The Magic.  It's about practicing gratitude.  Something we all should do to have the life we desire.

One of the things I'm grateful for is this business and you. Well, that's two.

So, life is good!  Come on up!  I'll even  pick you up at the airport if you come down to get out of the cold!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



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