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Hi Boys,

Wow!  Apologies...I took the time to write an update for Saturday, thoughts, photos and all and then left it unposted.  I'm sorry.

It's been busy since then and I honestly did not notice until today.  Those of you who are members have already received a mailing today about my plans for returning to Albany this spring.  I won't bore you by repeating it.  But if you are not a member....I will be  heading back April 20th.  After the seasonal return of all the snowbirds who clog up I-75 heading home either before Easter or tax time.  It's a traffic jam.

Suffice to say I need to get back this year as Sis is having her hip surgery, we hope, April 28th.  She's had an awful winter of cold after cold and asthma flare ups and then caught the flu.  She's been one sick puppy all winter long.  She's going to see how she is in a month and if she's not a lot better I suggested she move that surgery forward.  She needs to be in tip top shape for it.  It's no piece of cake.  

I'm very grateful for the biz that's come my way this week, in real time and at Skype. Also a fab day at the resort pool Sunday.  It was so good for my soul to run into old friends and to share a cocktail with one  at the outdoor bar. Not to mention time in the conversation pool and the jacuzzi.  It was a few bucks well spent!

The You Tube channel is crawling along and I'm now up to 317 subscribers.  I'm a Leo....our middle name is impatient.  We want things to get going when we want them to get going!  I'm laughing as I know this will take time but I also know me.  What's really humorous about us is that we're also procrastinators.  I know, those two traits together don't make sense.  Do as I say, not as I do. lol

In the past, I had to be the head of any organization that I was in.  I was obnoxious.  It was my way or the highway and when I look back those many years ago I'm embarrassed that I was such a pain in the butt.  Bossy, know it all and demanding.  Great traits for a domina however. 

Now, I'm more content in my personal life to sit back and let other's do it all.  I've had to utter many hoponopono prayers when I viewed that behavior and say I'm sorry for things that I could not change nor folks I'd never see again to say to them personally. 

But that's all part of growing in life isn't it?  One must make amends when able and to leave the regrets behind us. It does us no good to carry the baggage of hurts and past mistakes with us through life.  It goes something like this, saying the person's name and then "I love you, I'm sorry, forgive me, thank you."  Of course there are days when I have to stay current. I'm human!

Our The Magic book group meets again tomorrow evening.  Most who promised to attend didn't show up last week and our leader was upset.  So we're starting over tomorrow evening with a new gang of folks, male and female.  I've kept reading and I have to say I'm in a much better place then I was a week ago. I'm very thankful!

So...lots for you to see and do if you want to stay updated with "what's Anneke up to?"  I'm off to the gym now.  It's weights and cardio today.  I'm trying to move that scale downward some more but it's slow going.  No matter....I'm heading in the right direction.

Come see me and Myla.  What a hot threesome we had yesterday!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfrien, Goddess and GILF,


More blonde....

With the matching Halo extensions. Which do you like best?


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