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Hello My Friends,

It's been a nice last couple of days.  We had some enjoyable warmer weather and last night it dipped down again. 55 this morning.  I know, I know, some of you won't see that until April or May.

Why I live in Florida in the winter and early spring!  And why you should be here to get out of the frigid north and northeast!

Skype has picked up again, the You Tube subscriptions are at 347, 558 on Instagram and Twitter was at 94.7 K this morning.  I got dinged for adult content on You Tube but anything causes that.  It seems if I hop on the bed, show my legs or Trixie and Boom Boom in clothes up close....all suspect.  If I film covered up, not worries.  You know that's not going to happen all the time.


Instagram is the same way....owned by Facebook and FB kicked Anneke off almost 3  years ago.  Private ownership can censor. Just as Twitter selectively does.  You can show EVERYTHING you own on Twitter if you are a porn star....doing just about anything consensual.  But if you are a sex worker....watch out.  So, please guys, do not post pictures of your penis on MY twitter feed.  I will have to block you.

Plus....I do know what they look like.

Yesterday was quiet and I headed to the gym in the afternoon and then out to Home Goods to find a new counter stool for my playroom.  I had purchased a small one and I finally realized that the tiny seat and no back were causing muscle spasms in my glutes.  Butt muscles if you don't know what they are.  

Luckily I picked up a lovely gray upholstered one with a comfortable seat and back on sale for $65.  What a difference it's made.  I do spend many hours at the computer so it's a huge improvement for me.

Today is just admin, pampering myself, a 2pm Skype session and fighting off an attempt by a cold to make me sick.  I'm taking zicam, not scheduling any appts.  getting lots of rest, drinking water and staying out of the public.  So far....I haven't succumbed.  But I'd rather be safe with my health and yours.  Hopefully, if nothing has appeared by tomorrow I'll go back to in person encounters. 

Yes, it's cost me.  But that how I roll.  With integrity for the well being of my client friends.

Our The Magic group reconvened Thursday evening with all new folks. So it started over from the beginning.  Usually this group is all over 55.  This time a whole family, mom, dad, daughters, partners and friends of me and the leader are members.  The ages range from 20 to 80 and it's exciting to hear the different desires and perspectives of all.  We olders are really enjoying the young ones.  I think it's fabulous that they are receiving this grounding in gratitude at the beginning of their lives.  Most of us have just started in our latter years but I say...."better late than never."

Already I'm in a better place this week then I was last week."  Moments of sadness still crowded in about the end of my relationship, concerns of financies abounded and as I've said before, I was stuck.   I'm now unstuck and business is back to booming.  Just by focusing on being thankful for what I do and did have.  I find it truly amazing that a concept SO simple works............that little phrase,  Thank You is magic.

If you want to get a mostly g rated glimpse of me...find the Anneke Van Buren on You Tube.  I update a short hello most days. 

Life is truly good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



From my Thursday friend.  

After a You Tube video session. 



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