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Good Saturday Morning Peeps,  Posted Sunday the 23rd.

Not quite sure where the week went.  It's 54 this morning and since it's the second morning in the row I had brief thoughts of bumping the heat on for a couple of minutes.  It was 71 inside so I thought..."oh put on a warmer robe."  But it's too cool to sit on the patio with my coffee and do my gratitude list.  I can get comfy inside the playroom and do it there.

It's a daily anchor and comfort.  We've added an extra layer to the gratitude training in our The Magic course.  At night we each have a favorite crystal or rock and hold it in our hand before sleep to ponder the best things of the day.  Then we choose the best of the best.  

Last night I chose staying on Keto all day.  I've been wavering this week when I felt miserable with the allergies.  There's nothing like a donut when you're feeling crappy. LOL  Of course, once I had one I thought. "I really didn't enjoy it."  But still.....

Our group met Thursday night and almost to a person they expressed how much they loved 
"the rock" exercise.  For my part, I get my rock and clasp it in my right hand, turn off the lights, put my head on the pillow and think about all the good things the day has brought.  And then chose the best one.  And fall asleep immediately.  It's amazing and brings a lovely feeling of conclusion to the end of the day.

Monday was a wild day.  Myla came over and we "entertained" an Irish friend.  That afternoon a handsome one of the James Bond's, look a like visited.  Ya never know what delights the day will bring.  

I also had some Skype sessions, a trip to the chiropractor, two trips to my nail gal,,,I drove all the way to New Port Richey on the wrong day so I did it again yesterday. Blonde Moment I guess.  Hit the gym a couple of times...when I was feeling better and don't ask me what I did the rest of the week. Just the usual stuff of work and life.

The good news is thankful to Flonase I'm feeling back to my usual self.  Cortisone is the best worst drug. But the pollen count is still high and I need to take my black car to the car wash.  It has a yellow haze all over it.

We have a new car wash around the corner that is amazing.  After you go through the wash, it has the free vacuum stations but in each one there is spray cleaner and rags for you to finish your car.  AND a little high pressure air hose to get all those tiny places inside.  Since it's covered you don't die in the Florida sun and my car hasn't been this clean since I left Albany in September.  I'm heading back there today or tomorrow. 

Tonight I'm going to a surprise birthday party here in the community.  Who knows what will happen at that?  Probably lots of naughtiness.

An added note, the money services such as Cash Ap, Venmo and Gift Rocket are closing ranks upon us.  Escorts and Cam Girls.  You may still use Paypal and Zelle for whatever you'd like with me and Amazon Gift cards. Just be careful to add it as a gift or family and friends.

More discrimination again those of us in adult work but it is what it is.  Citibank, Chase and Capital One don't like it either so be careful. 

Life is good!   I just hit 97K at Twitter and You Tube is inching up.  New YouTube coming tomorrow.  I'm thinking of adding an Onlyfans site.  Send me your thoughts please....annekepleasures@gmail.com. 

Smiles, Hugs and Soft Kisses,


Yeah...the allergy affects showed.

New nails!  The better to rake you with my dear. 

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