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Good Morning Luvs,

It was in the mid-fifties this morning.  A bit too cool to sit on the patio for meditation, even in my warm cheetah robe.

It's been a good week.  I've gotten to the gym several times, plan to go again this morning if the shoot this afternoon doesn't start too early.  The adorable young couuple that I met last Saturday evening are supposed to come over to film.  Her,  me and maybe the two of us together.  He's a whiz with the camera and editing and has offered to help me get started on another pay for view adult site. 

Then, my pal BJ Barry will be in Tampa this next week and HE wants to shoot also.  He also has offered to help me so it would be fabulous to have two savvy folks.  One for Florida, the other for Upstate NY filming and editing.  I'm hearing and reading about some problems with Onlyfans as to security issues so I'm going to go about this venture carefully.

I'm at 99.6K followers at Twitter so we should be able to reach 100K by Sunday.  Lately, I've been adding 200 new folks a day.  

So just exactly does that mean?  I do know that doesn't translate to a lot more biz.  It does bring some though.  What it can do is help in the search engines and networking.  It doesn't hurt to have your brand known around the world.  BUT as a provider on Twitter I have to be very circumspect.  NO explicit stuff all the time.  In fact, it would have to be a rare treat.  Like topping 100K.  But still, I have trepidation about that.  I don't want to be in Twitter jail again.  Even for a day. 

Better yet....how about saying if you join as a member at www.annekepleasures.nl you can see that kind of content there?  It's free.  Certainly at www.annekexposed.com.  It is not free but the clips are very inexpensive.  Clips for sale takes about 60% however so it's not a money maker for me.  It's more about staying out there in adult filming world.

Let's take a moment and talk about this new coronovirus.   Oh, I'm not poopooing it at all.  It's real and it's going to spread here and when it does we'll all have to come to terms with meeting intimately.  With anyone.  Frankly,  no one will be touring when that happens.  Business will have to change. One on one encounters may be on hold altogther.  

For sure...no one should visit a provider if they are feeling ill or have been around folks that have the virus even if you don't have symptoms.  It's already proven that one can still pass the virus forward with no symptoms.  That's the scary part.  Those folks are called "super spreaders."

However, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it and I'm sure most of you here will have the good sense to start preparing and washing your hands constantly.  Not to cough in someone's face and certainly don't kiss someone you don't know at all.  Cough or sneeze into your sleeve/elbow area. Then wash your hands!

BUT......we still will be able to Skype, Facetime, Cam, talk on the phone and watch porn.  Believe it or not, Skype sessions are really a lot of fun and are very personal.  There's a real one on one connection even when we can't touch.  Is it as good as in person...of course not...it can't be.  But it's damn close.  So start considering plan B.  Get a burner phone.  Buy visa cards that you can use for paypal. I still can accept gifts with paypal, zelle, visa and cc gift cards and of course, Amazon.  In fact, I'm going to order groceries again today from Whole Foods.  Free delivery. 

So until we might be limited....let's plan a real one on one escape at my Land O Lakes playroom or visits to your Tampa Bay, Orlando or Sarasota location.  Advance notice of course.  Screening is always in place but it's painless.  Hopefully, by the time I get to Albany we'll know more about this.

On another note, occasionally I hear.  "I don't ever give my real name because I need to be discreet and I'm married."   I say..."most anyone I meet is and I've never compromised anyone in 17 years."  Sorry, I can't meet you without knowing exactly who is walking through my day.  There are some bad dudes out there.  Thankfully most of them are already blacklisted and they pop up in a search.  And then there's You Know Who.  So didn't even bother with that excuse with me. 

I KNOW there are lots of girls who play Russian Roulette and don't screen in search of the $.  I am not one of them. I'd rather be totally assured that you are the real deal and send the info I need.  It's all about respect.  And for me.....that is a HUGE turn on even before you walk through my door.  IF you don't have references or can't be verified through work you can send a selfie of you holding your driver's license next to your face. Put a little piece of paper over the address or use your fingers.  I really don't want to know where you live. 

These photos below were taken last night before I did another Youtube update.  It's slow going because it's not porn.  But for those that join..I'm deeply grateful that you want to know about the Everyday Anneke and not  just look at another naked porn actress/provider.  Thank you luvs!  Just search for Anneke Van Buren at Youtube and my channel will come up.

It's also a great motivator for me to continue my fitness and weight loss program!  8 more pounds to go!

Life is good!  

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



Covered up for Youtube.  Exposed for Twitter and you.  My tummy is getting smaller and smaller. The lingerie is ice blue, embroidered and made in Scotland. I haven't been able to get into it for years.




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