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Good Morning Boys,

I'm like a juggler this morning.  Phone, texts, emails, meditation time.....all good. I'm thankful anything is happening in the midst of all the corona virus excitement.  

I am NOT poopooing it.  But I do think, if we're all very careful that we can stay healthy.  I went to Walmart yesterday for some dial soap for my shower and it was wiped out.  Anti-bacterial.  Forget anti-bacterial hand soap or hand sanitizer.  Actually, soap is soap.  Just wash your hands for 22 seconds.  Sing Happy Birthday a couple of times, slowly, while you're washing your hands.  

This is stuff I use all the time so it kind of took me aback.  I have the lysol spray and masks already on order from Amazon. Someone recommended a couple of holistic items for building the immune system.  I ordered those too.  All are good things no matter what and when I'm heading back north and staying in hotels those items will come with me.  A good spray when I walk through the hotel door, on the floor, bedding, etc. is what I'm planning.  Then leaving for a cocktail while it all settles.  There's always a reason to have a good cocktail.

Aside from never walking out our front door there is no guarantee and I know I don't want to live like that.  There have been 4800 regular flu deaths and 87,000 hospitalized, up 65% this year.  The vaccine didn't work very well they say.  So just use your big head and wash your hands and cough or sneeze into your elbow. Stay home if you are sick.  I know I'm being repetitious but I know you guys.  You need the repetition. lol

PS....the calendar is UP for the return trip.  The only change might be my DC area location.  For some reason the hotels are sky high in Tyson's Corner.  Not usual at all.  I'd prefer to pre-book only this trip. Valdosta the first night,  Greenville, SC the second night,  DC area the 1st and possibly adding a 2nd night.  BWI might be a better option. 

Nothing else new.  I'm heading to The Magic group tonight.  Totally amazing things have been happening so I'm excited to see how the others have done this past week.

Looking busy tomorrow and part of Saturday.  BJ is in town so we hope to film.  Then my Brit friend is back and he and I are heading up to the other resort for dinner and catch up time.  Sunday is completely free as is most of next far.

Be watching for another You Tube update.  They let me put two more up from my phone. Who knows what they are doing but as long as they will....I'll add content.

I almost forgot.  The young hotties came by Saturday evening and we filmed 3-4 updates for her cam site.  One of them, my domming her and strapping her to the cross and making her squirt all over my floor.  Hopefully he'll send an update soon.   Wearing the dress below.  He said it was hot.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


                                                                                       New 6 1/2 inch high boots. Thanks Amazon guys!

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