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Good Morning Peeps,

It's cool this morning.  I slept in  so it was 53 when I awoke.  A little too cool for the patio time.

I'm sure many of you would gladly trade our afternoon high of 67 for yours today.  It's  lovely weather for me.  I'm not crazy about high heat and humidity.  Why I'm leaving Florida the end of April.  That and my sister having scheduled her hip surgery April 28th.  Of course that might change. We'll see. So for those of you who have asked to reserve as soon as I return, stay posted.  My availability could open up more.  Pun intended.

Kind of a crazy week.  I've had Skype sessions and until Thursday it was all quiet.  Then the dam burst and I've been very busy since.  Which surprises me and gives me hope that business will not tank with this virus wrecking havoc in the day to day life anywhere.  If we use common sense and good health practices I think we'll be okay.  Unless your good friends and coworkers do not.  That's the fly in the ointment isn't it? 

I'm not surprised that some of you are flying and not wearing a mask. It's an enclosed ventilation system guys. Use your noggin here.  My British friend who has returned said the Honolulu airport was a ghost town this week. He was coming back from Australia and New Zeeland.  Cricket fan. 

I'm  amazed that hotels in DC are still very expensive for my return back in April.  Yes, I'm going to wait a bit to book.  There's plenty of time yet to do so.  Stops are Valdosta, Greenville, SC and DC area. Then home!

Think upon this, Skype, Facetime or phone sessions will  be an alternative if we cannot meet in person.  

Off to the gym today and dinner with my returning friend tonight.  BJ and I have rescheduled to film for tomorrow evening.  LOTS of time for monkey business today or tomorrow.  In person or on Skype.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



Still 8 to go.....getting there slowly. 



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