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Hello My Darling Boys,

It's just perfect here in Florida in my gated community.  Seventies and lovely.

I am out and about in a judicious manner.  I've cut back my gym visits, spraying down every piece of equipment I touch, before and after.  I wash my hands all day long and my studio  playroom is sanitized frequently. I don't think a germ could survive in here.

There's no doubt this virus is going to affect our business.  And it's going to be tough on the gals who rely on constant touring.  I've always said, if everyone stayed home and the local gents saw them in their home settings we'd all be better off.  IF you travel, you can still see local gals.  Don't tell me there isn't any local talent in your town.  If you partook there discreetly believe me the stunning, gorgeous excellent girls who live there wouldn't have to get on the road to make a living.  Every town has beautiful women who offer great service.  You just might have to do a little more homework to find them.

For my part, I am thankful for having my Skype availability in place.  In twitter ads, instagram, here in the journal and on this website with it's own special page.  Of course, Skype directions apply to Facetime and phone adventures.  I can talk dirty with the best of them. lol

Visitors from out of town flying in....I'm not offering outcall unless you let me come in the room and spray the hell out of it and you understand I'm not going to kiss you.  YOU don't know what you might have just been exposed to on that flight.  Nor do I.  We can watch each other wash our hands and body parts....nekkid.  That might be something new and kinky for ya!  I hate showering together but I'll consider bringing a sexy shower cap.  Hey....I'm a Leo...lioness...we hate getting our hair wet. 

I am still planning on heading north to Albany, departing April 20th.  All my stops, Valdosta, Greenville, SC and DC are prebooked for adventures.  Except for P411 and Tryst/Switter I am not going to advertise.  Eros is a rip off and if you notice, there are fewer girls there all the time.

There will be NO last minute scheduling. NONE. So, if you want to meet with my very limited availability I suggest you plan it soon.  Of course I can Skype on the road.  It's easy. 

Do any of us know where all this is going?  Nope....all we can do is be smart and careful.  The fly in the ointment is the person who isn't and then passes it on to someone else.  You don't want to be bringing it home to your Mom, Dad or older friends who are at higher risk.  

I'm very inclined to say.....let's just Skype.  You'd be surprised at what kind of mischief we can get up to in just a 15 minute session.  Half hour or longer?  WhooHoo!  We just need to do a little planning. I accept Paypal, family and friends,  and Amazon gift cards to Anneke Van Buren.  Same email. 

If you still haven't checked out my YouTube channel, Anneke Van Buren, do.  I find that you seem to like me more in everyday attire, in my selfies on Twitter and in my videos there. then the pro shots.  It's the real retouch, wrinkles, faults and all.  A real flesh and blood woman!   With all natural curves.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


For the foot fetish guys.....



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