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Hi My Friends,

It's a beautiful day in Florida.  Folks are around the pool in the resort toasting their buns and everything else.  Moi...I don't suntan any longer.  I just spray it on but right now no tanning booths.  I'll do it myself.

It's 5:15 and I've just mixed my quarantini, that's a martini you drink alone.  Nothing new for me but I know a lot of folks are really chafing at the bit with the social isolation that seems to be the only thing that's working right now.  IF folks do it.  

However, our local Premier Outlets was jammed with cars.  Just not mine. I went through a drive through for lunch, stopped at the near empty liquor store and came home. No gym now. And my body is not liking it.

But  I'm very thankful I have a comfortable place to live in and my neighbor down the hall who is a pal.  We're both observing the health suggestions as we're both over 60. Several nights a week we have cocktails together. 

Except for this morning, the phone had stopped ringing for appts but it was ringing for Skype playtimes.  I'm very happy to say it's been just what I hoped it would be.  Busy with guys taking this seriously.

However, the ones from out of town on vacation here who called and texted this morning seem to be unaware that there might be constraints.  I don't mean to be unkind but they seemed cluless.   One biggie requirement...24 hour notice, plus no appts. for those just off the airplane, sick or around sick folks,  a must for showering and mouthwash upon arrival and one I sure don't kissing.  Not right now.  Sorry.

I'd rather Skype, Face time, talk dirty on the phone or even sext.  All are the same gift and still must be planned with some notice.  However, I am not going to the gym so I can get myself "camera ready" in the mornings.  Take a chance and see if I can play with you on cam.  It's really a lot of naughtiness!  A lot less donation too!

We'll just have to see how things go these next few weeks.  A lot of snowbirds are staying longer as a warmer climate is supposed to slow down the spread of this virus.  I'm hoping my Sis will have some sense and put her surgery off a few weeks.  I won't be surprised if her Dr. changes the schedule.

Not much else new.  I'm feeling fine....a little but not a lot bored.  Last night I was horny, went to pornhub, called up my fav type of porn, was getting myself all ready and a friend texted for a skype session.  Gorgeous guy so I was happy to Cum with him on camera.  Worked for both of us.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Yes....both were outfits I wore for Skype. 




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