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Hello My Friends,

One blessing, it's beautiful weather in Florida.  It was 68 this morning when I went for a walk. I had already left my gym but now it's closed.  I have to get the cardio somewhere so I had a lovely stroll around our community.  Being out in nature is always beneficial to body, mind and spirit!  

I saw a pair of titmice chirping in a tree, a lone male cardinal singing his heart out in a bare pine  and heard several other feathered friends that I could not see singing their thankfulness to the world.   I'm reminded, "His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me." 

If you just take the big circle it's a mile.  If you go in and out of all the little neighborhoods it's longer. I did the mile.  Hardly anyone was out so social distancing was no concern.

The only problem is the pollen count is high in the mornings as well as the humidity.  So it's back to wearing frizzy,  curly hair.  Not actually a biggie in the scope of what is happening in the world.

Since I'm offering Skype sessions and still filming You Tube updates daily beauty routines are still in place.  So, I might have made my last trip out for a while to Sally.  They sell hair products, tanning stuff, eyelashes, etc.  Stuff I use.

I was annoyed that you had to use that damn stylus and washed my hands as soon as I got home.  There really isn't anything I need now.  Good thing because Amazon is going to be limiting shipping, nixxing the plans we all had to get what we needed if we couldn't go out. 

Compared to what my brother and sister in law could be facing right seems silly that bothered me.  She was showing symptons of Covid 19 and was tested yesterday.  Yes on top of brain cancer and asthma.  I asked my sister, "How the hell did she get that?"  Either at her gastroenterologist's last week or my brother brought it home from the grocery store, was her answer.  He has heart problems.  Hopefully it's just a cold.  They both are high risk.

NOW do you get it?  Yes, it's that contagious. Why I've chosen not to see anyone privately. I'm trusting that the Universe will provide if this goes on for any length of time.  That and increased Skype requests as gentlemen get sexual cabin fever.  

I know there are some gals in this business that are desperate to make a living plus have a family to support.  I'm concerned too but I don't see any way that any appointment can be totally safe if one of you is infected.  Please don't take advantage of their need to make a living.  Send them a little paypal gift instead and wait to partake when things get healthier.  It will help.

There's still plenty of free porn out there if you are out of work too. Or, if like me, they have a clip store, only fans, etc buying a clip could also be a big help.  Skype sessions are a great answer to filling a need and having fun.  Let's all not panic and be smart about our sexual activities and entertainment.  If everyone who can helps a little bit it will go a long way to helping all.

I picked up a set of dumb bells and a resistance band so I can continue weight training.  Yesterday I did yoga on the one tiny little spot in my studio.  It's actually hilarious trying to do the poses in so little space.  Once my tenants next door leave the end of the month I'll have my big beautiful apartment fully at my disaposal.  I'm SO thankful that I was able to add their rent to my income these last two months! 

It think it's pretty apparent that I will not be able to head to Albany on April 20th or anytime soon.  Yes, just after I renewed the lease up there.  If I could sublet it would. We're not supposed to but if I knew I had a responsible tenant I would.  For those of you who haven't met me there, it's a really lovely one bedroom, big living room, dining room, galley kitchen and a nice size bath.  The best asset....a really lovely patio overlooking the woods.  IF you know someone completely trustworthy, let me know. 

Feel free to call and say hello.  I won't do the same for discretion's sake.  I'd love to stay in touch with you my friends.  Just know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy outcome for you and your loved ones.  God bless us all.  We will need those blessings.  This isn't going away anytime soon. is still good. I have a roof over my head, enough food, lots of lingerie and an internet connection.

Your STILL Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,





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