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Hello My Cherished Friends,

It was a beautiful 68 this morning when I awoke.  It will be in the 80's today and all this upcoming week.  It's not a challenge to have to be at home when I can  go for a walk or sit on my patio at anytime.

I'm being very careful to get enough rest and exercise and of course I am practicing social distancing.  Fortunately, I have a means to still make a living via the internet and the phone.  

As I thought about what I was grateful for this morning I included the internet.  Twitter, Skype, Paypal, Amazon, all those means that are still left to provide for myself.

Two days ago I decided to begin a "Raiding the Closet" series on Twitter and You Tube.  It's not complicated.  I scrounge in my closet and in my dressers for outfits that haven't been used or worn in years to share on both.  And with you here.

Is it conceit?  No, it's just an attempt to lighten the mood and give the guys who like pics something to look forward to. Plus, it keeps me motivated to keep exercising, staying on my diet, maintaining my grooming, hair, makeup and outlook each and every day.  Do I think I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread?  Oh hell no!

There are so m any exquisite women out there in this world.  And the best of the best are already on Twitter. It truly blows my mind how many stunning gals there are.  It's just my small attempt to keep us all occupied and positive about life.  From a GILF's point of view.  

So, yes, each day I'll take a pic in a different get up.  It could be a dress, casual, dinner or fancy. Some lingerie.  Vintage, (and I have a LOT of that.)  Workout clothes, domina get ups, you get the drift.  It keeps me going and I hope it does you also.  You have my blessing to do whatever you feel led to do if you get turned on by viewing mine or anyone else's.  Or I could always wear that outfit for you on Skype or Facetime.

Yep....there's a method in my madness!

Life is good despite the challenges right now!  "Tough times never last but tough people do!" Robert Schuller.

Love and Kisses,



Day 2 Raiding the Closet.  Vintage Lingerie.


After a Skype session. Vintage "Secretary" outfit.  Or Teacher, Domina, Mommy. lol



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