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Good Wednesday Morning Friends,

It's beautiful here.  73 on my patio when I awoke.  I've gotten into the habit, (developed from the course I'm taking) of saying Thank....You..... as I place each foot on the floor in the morning.  I'm happy to be moving at all.

Right now, I think we have to prop ourselves up with as many positive intentions, thoughts and moves as we can.  I'm basically unemployed.   And I won't be collecting any unemployment insurance.  Imagine that form?  Occupation?  Sex Worker.  Fat chance of that one. (smiles)

The Skype sessions have slowed because now everyone else is doing them also so  you're visiting new faces that weren't available before.

I'm not worried. We all have to support each other in this crises. I still believe I'll be okay when it subsides enough to go back to somewhat "normal" living.  When will that be? No one knows.  We just have stay positive and keep safe practices. 

So what am I doing with all this free time?  After coffee in the morning...thank God...I catch up on email, texts during the night, twitter, etc and head out to the patio for my quiet time.  Then I've been trying to find some time each day to do some form of exercise.  Going for a solitary walk, using my weights, yoga in the tiny space in the studio.  I try and alternate that.  I'm keeping my weight on an even keel right now.  Heavy dieting seems foolish at this time.

Then, I head to the shower, get myself all glammed up, makeup, hair, etc and get camera ready.  I started this new series of Raiding the Closet for Twitter, Instagram and You Tube.  Wearing something different each day.  I take selfies on a tripod for here, twitter,etc. and then do a short video for YouTube. 

Then I'm also ready for Skype, Facetime or whatever means you need to find a release. Except in person. In between I'm answering texts, messages and emails. Rinse.....repeat.  

I eat like we all do and some nights my neighbor and I observe the 6 foot rule and have cocktails together.  I'm trying to keep my visits to Publix or Walmart or Target to a bare minimum.  But it is time to make a vodka run. lol For both of us.  

Evenings, if I am not before the camera I am relaxing with the news...BBC and PBS news hour, Netflix, Amazon Prime in between the rinse and repeat.  Although the last couple of days I've watched less news.  I do try to catch up with Andrew Cuomo's updates as a part time New Yorker.  I've not been fond of his style of government in the past but he's doing a great job right now. 

I work from the time I arise until before I turn out the light. day is not boring. But it is confining as I'm in this little studio until my tenants move out next door.  Do I wish they'd stay longer?  Hell yes, it's income!  Which has helped me during this hiatus.  

What's the good news?  I'm healthy, I have good food to eat, I have a beautiful roof over my head, I'm in beautiful and sunny Florida, my internet works as does my tv and I do have some resources to make it through a bit longer. I also have The Magic group on Skype/Thursday nights.  This could not have been more timely.  And I have these journal updates to look forward to twice weekly.  Oh, and I am always reading something thanks to Kindle unlimited.  

AND...I found that dancing wildly to something I love really blows off a lot of steam.  I'm going to see if we can do that on our outdoor walkway/balconies. 

My kids are somewhat healthy.  My son is still working and he's fine. My daughter is not.  After her concussion a month ago she's still on the mend.  And teaching a yoga class is not the smartest move right now either.  She has begun a Facebook class for free.  Very gentle yoga right now as she is still healing.  So far my sister-in-law does not have covid-19 thank the heavens.  It's looking like my Sis is going to have to wait to have her hip surgery.

Will I return to Albany?  Yes, of course but when it's safe to do so and people from outside the state are not quarantined as they travel in.  Then there's the little problem of hotels on the way back. I think it's going to be May or June before it's even a consideration.  I'll keep you posted here and on Twitter.

As always, it's the little things of life that bring a smile to one's face.  A beautiful morning, the pileated woodpecker's cry in the woods across the pond from my patio.  Finding that Gardener's World with Monty Don has resumed for the gardening season on Amazon Prime.  A cocktail and catch up with my neighbor, a good read and not looking tired before the video camera. lol  I AM enjoying wearing outfits I haven't been able to get into for a long time.  That really pleases me!

We'll make it but I implore you all, please use common sense.  Wash your hands.

And tune into my You Tube channel Anneke Van Buren or join me for a Skype/Facetime/Chat/Text session.  I'll have a fun escape from this temporary stress.

Life is still good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Day 6 of Raiding My Closet for You Tube * Going WILD and The Dangle. 


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