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Hello My Luvs,

It's hot here today.  On top of that the elevator to our building stopped working yesterday.  The repair people won't be here until tomorrow.  I live on the 4th floor.  That's a great place to be because it's the top floor and it's the only floor that has cathedral ceilings.  Which I adore.

Yesterday my tenants headed back to Ohio.  Driving straight through as they did not want to stop in motels.  I don't blame them.  So, I tied a towel around my face, went in with the Lysol spray and the Clorox cleaner and went to work.  Stripping the linens, spraying the bed...airing out the pillows after spray, etc. etc. etc.  Not to mention disinfecting the place from stem to stern.   However, I really wasn't worried.  They've been here almost two months and we'd already discussed social distancing.  Impossible with a shared HVAC system.

So I was absent from here.  This morning, after a wonderful night's sleep on my memory foam mattress again I was back at it with laundry and more cleaning.  It's amazing how much you appreciate what you have when you don't have them.  But I was grateful during the occupation of my studio/playroom only that I had that extra seasonal income.  

Everyone....except for the mostly wealthier folks in society and the ones who still have a paycheck are all thinking the same thoughts.  Will I have enough funds to make it through this crises?  Not to mention, can I stay healthy.  THAT really is the more important issue.  We are not going to be back to work by Easter.  That's a made up, pie in the sky pronouncement.  Certainly an impossible reality. 

My home state is reeling, especially the city and downstate.  But now the folks from the city with second homes are heading north and bringing the virus with them.  And emptying the grocery stores.

I am SO thankful I am in Florida.  Although a quick trip to the market today saw lots of aisles of items wiped out now.  I'm just fine and I already had enough for at least 2-3 weeks. 

Now that I can cook again I'm making a big pot of chili with grass fed beef.  NO, it's not Keto with the kidney beans but the time for worrying about that is not now.  I need to be careful with what I have and the worst case...if I run out, which seems highly unlikely,  I'll be fasting and getting "thinner."  

There's always a bright side but I know some of you are having a hard time seeing it.  My son got furloughed this week so he's going to head up to my Albany apartment.  He's been living in an extended living hotel in the same city as  my Sis and they are never a bargain.  Thankfully he has some savings and will get unemployment so he can help me  with that rent and expenses up there and I can help him too.  Having two homes is lovely when you are working.

I am SO grateful to those of you who have booked Skype, Facetime and phone sessions.  And those of you who have sent a gift now for a session of your choice at a future date. If you'd like to do so be assured that I'll keep an accounting of your gift for Anneke's Erotic Adventures. 

All are a huge help.  And it's also a point of sexual and social contact for me.  A win win for both of us!  If all you can do is text...believe me I know how to sext too.  How to is at the Skype page here. 

If you're out of work too there will always be photos here if the site stays up.  Or you can go to my YouTube Channel, Anneke Van Buren.  You can always pick up the  phone and say hello.   But if we haven't met.....don't ask me to help get you off.  Yes, this stuff happens even in the good times.

I'm not doing a YouTube update today, Sunday.  While I'm camera ready for Skype I'm taking a day off from YouTube.  I'll be back modeling again for you tomorrow.

I hope you and yours are staying healthy and that you are doing your part to ensure that you stay that way. 

We're all in this together but life is still good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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