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Good Morning My Friends,


It was 67 when I awakened this morning.  It was a rough night of sleep but strangely, I feel rested.  A weird dreams with the approach of a full moon in a few days. 

But it's a glorious day outside.  As I went to my patio with my coffee and my daily journal I could hear the birds singing and then a cardinal with his Cheer, cheer, cheer call.  Well, of course.  I'm happy I'm here on mother earth another day, despite the aches of aging that we all have or will have.  You sort of take them in stride after a while.  After the ordeal of a deteriorating hip for years....piece of cake!

I've always had to remind myself what day of the week it is.  When your profession is 7 days a week it happens.  Now, in this lock down, and no one visiting in person, it seems even more important to right oneself as to the day of the week. 

I'm thinking this a m...Saturday?  Already?  Where is the time going? And that my friends I think is a very good thing.  I am not bored.  I have plenty to do with my new missions of You Tube and accumulating content for another adult site.  Something like Only Fans.  One thing that I will have to have to add it is a new phone.  If you've been watching my YouTube channel you hear a clicking in the videos.  A friend told me it's probably because you've dropped the phone and the chips in the phone are rattling.  Or something is.

So, if any of you have an extra Iphone...preferrably newer, larger model, that you don't need would you think about sending it my way?  I'll need a quiet phone for filming quality adult content for sure.  I hate that I'll have to update my ATT contract but so be it.  They've been ripping us off for years. 

My routine is still the same.  I get ready in the morning,,,hair, makeup,  exercise after, just in case someone wants a Skype or Facetime session between 10 am and 10pm.  If I'm sweaty, you'll never know. lol

I do have to shower to shave daily so don't worry.....I'm not stinky.  

My daily gratitude list is my anchor and mainstay and my surety that I keep my focus in life.  To stay present and thankful.  It makes a huge difference, especially these days.  Yes, I always have a little prayer list at the end.  So many of my friends and family are on it.  And yes, I pray for myself.  We're supposed to you know.

I see no hypocrisy in being a person of faith and a sex worker and an adult entertainer.  Sex is a natural expression of who we were created to be in my thinking and I embrace that. 

And if you do also....I'm here to help relieve any stress.  In my experience, an orgasm does that well!


It was 70 when I awakened this morning around 8:30.  For some reason I've been more tired the last couple of days.  I've been drinking extra water and while still exercising taking it a little slower.  Today, I feel much more rested.  Plus, last night was the full moon and that affects all of us.

I'm doing my ritual this evening and in preparation I looked up a site I use for guidance.  Sometimes I follow Alexx as well.

As always I start with lighting a white candle and sage. Tonight it's to cleanse my aura and my home. They suggested we do an online group ritual but I'm adapting mine just for me. Still, I'll share some of it.

"What are the 3 things I have learned during this time of change."  I've already written them in my journal.

"What am I most grateful for in my life right now."   Again, done.

"How can I support myself and those I love."  This one I'll share.  By continuing to practice gratitude and helping other to do also.

My daughter was very ill this past week, in quarantine and tested for covid-19.  She's found out she's negative.  Such a relief.   I even took her online yoga class with others yesterday.

I spoke to my son also yesterday and he was sitting on my lovely Albany patio enjoying the weather and the view.  I miss not being able to be there but I'm thankful he can make use of my place.  He still is unable  to sign up for unemployment on the NY State website.  An exercise in frustration and government inadequacy in a time when they ought to have it together.  But as we all know, they do not.  Fortunately, he has savings so he's okay.

It's my understanding that I should be able to do so as an independent contractor.  I haven't begun the process yet.  I've always filed my taxes in this profession so I'm looking forward to that 1200 stimulus. 

I've learned the weight training lifts the antsiness better then even yoga.  I found that out years ago so I'm now making sure it's a more regular practice.  And it's just plain good for me along with walking and yoga.

Doing the daily Raiding the Closet series for YouTube and Twitter has been a blessing.  For me and many have said for them also.  It's something to look forward to and it keeps me in shape and well groomed.  There is something to be said for looking your best even when you are the only one looking at yourself.  Typical Leo huh?  Of course I have a lot of people looking at me...just not in person.  BUT let me tell you, these sexy Skype and Face Time sessions do ME a lot of good too. Not to mention the bank account.  What a win win.

You've already had enough to read.  Sorry for the double update but I've been pretty busy with the pics, videos, marketing and being naughty on camera.

LIFE is good!

Your Still Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Today, Day 20 and working backward. 

Day 19, Fetish Attire

Day 18....Florida Sundress and Lingerie to Match

Day 17,  Italian Lingerie Under A Black Embroidered Sleeve Dress

Day 17

Day 16  Cowboy Chic

Day 15  Well Suited

Day 14 Domming It Up









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