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Hello My Darlings,

It's Sunday.  Yesterday's update just got away from me.  No excuse, just a little malaise that settled and has dissipated today.  The last two days were quiet but that has always been the case during these holy days.

At the end of each day, I've mentioned that I think about all the good things of the day before I sleep and choose the best.  While I'm holding my favorite crystal.  I realized, that while I did not have Skype, etc those past two days one of my long time friends here offered help.  If and when I need it.  THAT was what I chose as the best thing of the day.  And then I promptly went to sleep.

I've been blessed during this time.  There is no doubt when I look around this country and the world. Each  morning as I set time aside for my gratitude list I begin with the date, and a verse of encouragement.

My favorite is....."In everything give thanks."   And so I do.  There is more to that verse of scripture of course but in my thinking it encompasses a lot of spiritual philosphies. 

What you send out, you receive in return and I have. So I am VERY grateful.  

The Raiding the Closet series seems to be a big hit on Twitter and a nice bump on YouTube.  As I've expressed before, it gives ME something to look forward to and also for my followers/friends. It also has brought more business with the exposure.  My followers on Twitter have topped 113K. 

I am putting together content for another adult site...not sure which and I certainly will let you know as that launch gets closer. There you'll see naughtier content as well as the everyday Anneke stuff. 

So be prepared...when life gets back to more normal...I'm not going to be posting all this free content. Oh, you'll always see updated pics here but not so many.  Others are stealing them to use to scam guys so I'll take down most on Twitter and anything new that goes up will be watermarked.  If you've already tried, you know you cannot copy photos from here.

Lots of work but that's the good part.  I'm not bored but I am missing social interaction.

My son is happy as a clam at my Albany place.  He said the freezer is full as he spent $200 at the grocery store.  No TP though. I'd love to know where all the toilet paper in the world went?  There hasn't been any for weeks. So once the initial hoarding finished where is the rest of it? 

My daughter is still struggling with no work and trying to recover from strep.  The rest of my family seems okay.

No filming today.  I am available on Skype, Face Time, etc but ONLY with advance notice until 10pm.  

Obviously I'm not heading north April 20th but it's still way to soon to say when I will.  Again, stay tuned.

I wish you and yours that you can be with in person or via technology a blessed day.  Better days are ahead eventually!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,



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