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Good Morning My Boys,

It's 65 this morning in Land O Lakes.  Rainy, gray and cooler. We really need the rain so it's okay. Although it seems a little difficult to get moving today.

I've slept a little later the past few morning...almost 9am but I must need to so I do.  I have a self imposed schedule...10am to 10pm for Skype but I'm not camera ready if I sleep in that late.  I think I've said I'm pleasant in the mornings but I just don't move fast. 


I made the dreaded trip to Publix.  Homemade mask, surgical gloves, (my last pair) and a disenfectant wipe in a zip lock in my purse.  I spent way too much BUT, except for vodka, I probably don't have to go out again for several weeks. Or maybe just fresh stuff.  If I can get both delivered I will.  Just the anxiety of having to be SO careful is more then I want to experience on a regular basis.  However, I'm sure going to be able to stay on Keto and eat very well.   Enough water, sleep and a good diet is essential for a healthy immune system!

I'm still getting texts/calls from girls for references for guys wanting appts.  Mostly Albany.  Guys calling here for dates.  I have to bite my tongue with the girls. I don't know their story. But the guys.....?  What's their excuse?  I will not give references.  I honestly don't know if I'll ever give them again. We're in a new reality and I'll have to make that call in the future.

The good news, my son was finally able to file for unemployment in NY State.  His sister referred him to a free tax preparation web site that she used so that's behind them too.  She is only teaching a few yoga classes online.

Someone from the State of Florida called today to see if I understand what's going on with Covid-19 and if I have any questions.  I have to say I'm flabbergasted.  I didn't think this state was that together.

The governor....who I call Dumb A--, actually is allowing WWE to hold a match in Orlando without fans.  Bad enough that the participants won't be protected that are in the match.  Ay caramba! 

I have had some good shoots for the YouTube channel and stills for Twitter, you and general use.  Onlyfans.com denied me for their site.  They don't like the links to my Skype page on Twitter.  Or my email.  They want to monitize all the money themselves.  I'll just keep looking.  In the meantime, I have taken some VERY naughty pics.

Skype, Face Time, sexting and phone chat are still available for your recreational pleasure.  Please be sure and read the Skype page here for how to. 

One of my friends here suggested that I offer pre-paid advance bookings for when I can safely offer private one on one sessions.  If you do so, I'll issue a "Erotic Adventures with Anneke" gift card for you and keep careful track of the use of it.  I'm thinking I'll add additional time...an hour receives 90 minutes for the cost of 60 .  90 receives 2 hours and so on.   We can discuss this further ourselves as that eventuality occurs. 

You'll know here when I feel it's safe and when I think it's smart timing to head back to Albany.  Right now....I'm thinking it will be around the end of May.  But if it's not looking good I'll stay put in Florida longer.  I'm also thinking of going "under the radar."  Not advertising, except for P411 and my website and only seeing old friends or referrals from old friends for someone you know well.  I'll give you a consideration if you do so.

It's going to be a whole new world and we need to be thinking of how we'll adapt.  I'd like to "provide less, also less bdsm and fetish and cam/chat/text more.  The crap shoot nature of this business, the constant concern about law enforcement,  the federal government and guys who are predators takes it's toll.   That part I don't miss at all.

What I DO miss is  my favorite gentlemen and the excitement and intimacy of those moments we share together.   The aggravation and uncertainty....NO!  

You know I'll always tell you what I'm thinking and feeling.  I have no intention of retiring but I am considering my options.  Stay tuned.

Life is still good.  Just a little different.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess, GILF and Digital Playmate,


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