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Hi Boys,


Sorry.....I wrote this and then set it aside and forgot it.  You get two for one today. 

It's Wednesday evening and the day just slipped away.  It's beautiful weather but I really haven't been out the door.  Tomorrow, that has to change. 

The good news is I was busier with Skype, Facetime, emails, filming and taking pics.  For here and mostly Twitter.

Three days ago I notice my numbers weren't moving.  A sure sign the agorithms at Twitter haven't liked what I did.  Probably added too many little hearts to replies.  Which means I liked them.  The stupidest thing in my mind.  Maybe it makes the site think I'm a bot.

I really do try to get back to people who have nice things to say but you get punished for it.  Censorship is a real thing at Twitter but it also bring business.  So I walk on eggshells.

If I were a full time porn star NOT advertising as a sex worker I can post the most raunchy and explicit material but it's okay. As I've said before, different rules for our profession.

I've tried to mix up the photo sessions and make them more interesting.  Which means it takes longer.  And I'm also taking some very naughty versions of some of the outfits in Raiding the Closet.  They are available if you'd like a text session.  Yes, you have to pay for them.  All that stuff is my support right now.

Once again a generous friend sent me a little paypal pick me upper.  It is huge as I have not received the stimulus check.  With that this morning and a good Skype day it was a huge help for the bank account.  However, I know, that as always, even though it may be down to the wire....there's always enough.

In a world where so many people go to sleep without a roof over their head or food in their belly I can hardly complain.  Instead, the more I pile on the gratitude, every moment of the day, the more good things come.  It's The Magic and it's so simple. I don't know how I would have gotten through my relationship breakup and this whole Covid-19, loss of income crises without focusing on being grateful for what I do have.  I've found the earlier I do my list the better the day goes. 

Don't get me wrong...each day is a good day already.  Somedays I learn to unleash that gratitude sooner and it becomes a  spectacular day.

YouTube continues to creep along but I seem to be building a fan base.  I'm still looking for that other place where I can do daily or several times a week naughtier updates that can be monitized and uncensored.  I have a feeling that I'm going to find it soon.  It's more work but what the hell else do I have to do right now.  Big Smile!

I'm tired tonight so this is going to be short.  One of my Facetime sessions wanted to see me squirt and by golly I did.  Lake Anneke was back.  And that's a lot of the reason I'm dragging.  Dehydrated.  lol


I had good intentions Wednesday.  I did the update late because it was  a busy day.  I think a Skype session had me setting the update to unpublished draft in anticipation of coming back later.  I got sidetracked I guess.

Thursday and Friday  had a couple of sessions each.  For some reason I was tired Thurday a m still. But I got the filming and pics done for twitter and stayed in.  My cocktail partner wasn't feeling great either.  I was getting antsy in the evening so I took a short .64 mile walk.  The stars were out, it was so quiet and it refreshed my spirit. 

In the middle of the night a huge thunderstorm and monsoon like rain and wind rolled in and it stayed with us all of Friday.  We desperately needed the rain and the cooler air so it was a good thing. 

Whole Foods had delivered in the morning via Amazon.  I am so appreciative of these folks offering such a risky service during this time.  I'd tucked a tip in a ziplock bag and sprayed the outside with disenfectant.  When I relayed that to the delivery gal she was so appreciative.   These folks are helping almost as most as the health care professionals.  I hope Amazon starts paying them better.

And thanks to those of you that have sent Amazon gift cards.  Obviously they are put to very good use.  It is a blessing!

I had a long phone conversation with my son last evening.  You have no idea what a miraculous occasion that is.  He's phone and text adverse but he's as lonely as the rest of the world.  His company called him this week saying they were hoping to be opening again May 15.  It's a fire and alarm safety company.  He and I both think that's a good sign that he will still have a job.  

He jokingly told me I have 4 rolls of toilet paper in my closet up there.  He had scored paper towels and he said he wasn't going to use his mother's last rolls.  He's a good guy with a hilarious sense of humor.   My daughter got her stimulus check so she's breathing easier.  Moi.....?  Nothing yet.  I know it will get deposited before the 1st!

I made keto chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  While they are not quite the same as the real deal made with wheat flour, mine are almond flour,  they are great with a cup of coffee for my morning keto breakfast.  The sugarless dark chocolate chips taste great, surprisingly.

Today is filming and pics for Day 35.  Sunday is a day off from filming.  I need the break but I'm always available on Sundays for naughtiness virtually and by phone.

Days 30-34 of Raiding the Closet are here.  Not just the YouTube versions.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess, GILF and Cam Playmate,


Day 30  Black Romper with lace, pink satin bra edged in lace too.  Sheer booties.

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34




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