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Hello My Sexy Friends,

We've had perfect  weather this week.  Not too hot or humid.  I actually took a walk yesterday morning and still came back with straight hair.  Today...I waited until almost 5pm to do an intermediate yoga session.  Triangle poses which are so hard for me.

I'm determined to get back upper body strength and today I saw a glmmer of hope.  I'm having problems with the band of muscles that goes up the outside of my left leg.  IT Band.  It's tight, it's hurts and I'm so worried that that hip is going to have problems too.  So, I'm stretching the hell out of it and also working the upper body with weights to get stronger.

I just have to push myself and I am.  It hurts sometimes but anyone who follows a fitness routine know it's part of the gig.  I'm missing the gym.  I can add weights and push it more.  Limited here at home but still moving forward.

Twitter finally ended the shadow ban.  It lasted about 5 days.  I lost 400 followers but as soon as it ended I have gained them back and I'm at 116.1 K.  I have no idea why.

Twitter has been the game changer in hanging on during this lockdown.  It's pushed me to somewhat of a forefront in the adult word.  Amazing.  And I'm grateful.

It's also brought some odd folks out into my circle.  Stalkers,  others ripping off my photos to use for their ads on dating sites, instagram to hustle the guys and porn sites who've stolen my pics for their benefit. 

Thankfully,  my friends alert me.  I've already been ripped off by a watermark site.  I paid....they disappeared.  Then to find out that watermarks can be removed.  It's SO much work that I've decided if some 40 year old wants to use this Senior Citizen's photos....pretty hilarious.  It just don't like the scamming when they do.  So if you see something, say something to me and please report them to the site where you saw the infraction.

Otherwise, things are good, considering.  Plugging along with the virtual stuff, phone and sexting. NO stimulus check yet so my rent may be late.  Hey....I'm not alone.

Had fun filming a faux yoga session for YouTube today.  Less makeup, no outrageous wardrobe.  Just regular me.  Maybe it will encourage you to embrace the practice.  Beneficial for everyone at every age.  It's what is keeps the stiffness  at bay.

So, I've been jonesing for tacos.  I googled Keto tacos.  I found a recipe that uses cheddar cheese to make the shells.  Totally awesome and I don't think I"ll ever buy taco shells again.  

Florida starts "opening up" Monday.  I haven't heard what governor dumb a-- has proposed.  But the fact remains that we all have to get back to work sooner or later.  Especially the farmers and the food supply chain.  The question is how do we do it safely?  Do all senior citizens stay in lockdown?  Do they test everyone before they go back to work?  Then gradually, you let us oldies out.  Hey....I'm past 60 and I have asthma.  I'm in a tier 3 group.  Now maybe you understand why I'm not going to be meeting you for some time yet.

All I can manifest is that business changes enough that I can live long and prosper.

Life is still good.  Pics from the Raiding the Closet series below.

Love and Hugs,

Your Anneke

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