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Hello My Friends,

It is an absolute glorious day here in Florida.  62 upon arising.  Mid 80's now with 32% humidity. Rare and wonderful.

It's been a weird emotional day for me.  But sometimes you have to remember that how you feel isn't reality in your life.   The IRS site said my stimulus check was mailed yesterday.  I let my landlord know and he was cool.  I paid him a lot of it anyway.  The rest when it gets deposited.

And I'm only one person amongst the millions in this country/world.  Many who are in way worse shape then I am.  I have a conviction to make it through and even prosper until things turn around.  Skype, Face Time, Phone and Text playtimes have added up to more then you would imagine.  Gifts from friends and pre-paid encounters are a huge help. 

I have used the Amazon gifts for groceries and necessities for several weeks now. After all new stockings are a necessity for me!   I'm blessed.

I've totally enjoyed filming every day for YouTube and taking pics for Twitter.  My peeps were adding up on both.  Making new friends from all over the world and some benefits of business from those efforts.

But YouTube has locked my account.  My last three videos...Day 38-41 cannot be seen.  I've tried to figure out what to do to no avail.  Oh, I have them...just not where they were intended. I'd be happy to share them with you if you have the means to receive them.  And the bandwidth. 

I've been very careful of what I wear, say and do.  A friend suggested someone might have complained. It might be possible  that someone I blocked on there and instagram for insulting and inappropriate comments might be behind this.  I didn't answer a recent "apology" email that was still insulting and condescending.

I'm very fortunate.  I have not had much of this in my career. Not compared to what others have experienced.

So....I'm a little bit discouraged.  A lot of work and preparationg goes into every one of those videos.  My intent was to bring a little something for you to look forward to each day.  And it motivated me to stay in shape and well groomed. That will continue for virtual dates and my own sense of self worth.  We Leo's always like to look our best even if we're the only ones for see ourselves.  LOL  And of course, I hope it would bring a little business.  If not, I have more new friends.  Something that matters to me and has since I began in this profession. 

It just boggles my mind the amount of mean spiritedness that seems to be rising in this country when we should be trying to pull together.  It's NOT about's about US as a nation and as human beings. 

I just watched a video from President George W. Bush.  It's pasted here but you will have to cut and paste it to see it yourself.  I hope you will.    Just do a google search if you can't manage.  Even if you didn't ever vote for him.  Very uplifting!

We don't need nazis and white supremacy groups marching into our state capital's with weapons acting like animals.  We need reflection, prayer, kindness and consideration for others to be our motto now.  We need to help and encourage each other!

Let's try.   I know who I am and I know the universe, the divine, whomever you believe that is, will take care of me...........and you.  Be grateful for what what you do have and be kind to others. 

Wash your hands!

Life is still good. 

Love and Hugs,


PS..I'm still going to film each day and take pics and download them. 

Day 39

Day 40

Day 41


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