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Hello My Friends,

It's been a gorgeous day here in Florida.  May usually exhibits high heat and higher humidty but it has not appeared yet.  Why I try and leave the end of April for Albany.  But this year, Covid-19 has changed all our plans and our lives.

One very sad note, the owner of our resort died last Thursday evening, falling off a ladder, trying to prepare to open it again.  We don't know what will happen now but I've heard his wife has friends trying to help her get it open.   Tough stuff and my thoughts go out to her.

I'll admit I'm in a bubble of protection.  I'm behind the gate in my nudist community. It's my choice not to meet privately even though it's tight.  So far I've made it and I know I will continue to.  I'm protected from the outside world in a wonderful way.  Vortual sessions are paying the obligations!

Even though YouTube locked me down, I'm finishing the Closet series on Twitter.  But all good things must come to an end.  It would be highly egotistical to continue.   Some of us Leo's do have a top stop.

I'm not sure where I'm heading right now.  I've gotten a few road blocks this week beyond covid.  Nasty emails, insulting comments, being locked out, lalalala.  We're ALL experiencing disappointment on a daily basis these days.  But guess what?   That is how life is.  Something is given that seems right and then it's taken away.  That is how we grow.  It's disappointing and painful sometimes but in the end, it makes us stronger and better people.  I refuse to give to dwell on what seems wrong and will not listen to fear.  Both are a lie.

So,  it's back to the gratitude list even earlier in the day.  The earlier the better.  I'm noticing that the "nutters', those are the negative thoughts that try to undermine you, come at night before sleep and first thing in the morning.  I laugh at them and say...."nice try."  No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Isaiah 54:17.

I grab ahold of that quartz crystal at bedtime and I make sure I focus on all the good stuff. Many days I have several events that I have to chose which was the best. Some days there is only one.  There is always ONE, there are never none.  

A reader here wrote to me today to say that he is now saying Thank You when he puts each foot on the floor in the morning because I had shared what I now do.  That meant more to me then anything.  It's my mission to inspire, educate and help you feel good about the sexual creature you are.  To be encouraged to see the good in every day life give us.  To see some of us providers as real people who serve.  Yes, because that is what we do.....for you.  

I've never felt shame about my profession.   Because I know that I was created to be who I am. And I'm thankful.

On another note,  I am not seeing friends one on one in person.  Not until I feel safe and my ads say that.  Yet, every single day, lately 2-3 times a day guys are asking for appointments.  One young guy called tonight and said this was all bullshit. He doesn't believe it.  I was flabbergasted and my response was less then lady like.  I blocked him.

Do I think politics are involved in the decisions handling this?  Absolutely!  Do I think it's real?  Of course.  Too many people have died awful deaths and many have been terribly sick.  But to deny it outright is just plain stupidity.  People are getting mean in their denial.  There is no excuse for that. 

Here's today's pics. 5 more in this series to come but you know I'll always put something fun up here for you.  Hope to see you virtually until I can see you face to face.

Life is good.  A little lonely but still good!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,




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