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Good Saturday Morning Peeps,

It''s slightly overcast, pleasant, 82 and only going up a few more degrees this afternoon. 73% humidity.  Low for May.  I'll take it!

Hopefully, you are starting to fill your days with more activities then reading this journal.  For those of you lucky enough to still have employment you are busy enough.  However, I hear that working remotely at home can be a challenge.  If you have children....bless you.   Distractions are part and parcel of this.  That's a whole blog isn't it?

Yesterday was quiet.  The first day all week so no complaints.  I did film a shortie for Twitter and you saw those pics.   Then I made myself go for a walk and then a yoga session after.  I'm glad I did because it did me good to get out and around our complex.  The back pool of the resort is now open to members with no more then 10 at a time. 

The owner's widow is trying to get the main resort open with the help of friends.  The other resort up the road opens for pool side activity only on Monday.  Sorry....I still think it's too soon.  But since I'm not a member of either it's a moot point. 

In fact, I feel quite content to be snug and safe in my own place.  Social contact is limited to camera and phone calls for business and of course friends and family check in frequently.  Although I did make a trip to Target this week for RX and then browsed the store.  Mask and gloves of course but it was good to see the aisles better stocked and most folks wearing masks and distancing. 

Although I am going to make another trip out tomorrow for the liquor store and to pick up more meat.  I'm not going to hoard but we've all heard the news about the high infection rates in the meat packing plants and the possible future shortages.  Since that and fat are a huge part of keto I think it's prudent to pick up a little extra.

But hell, if I have to live on carbs down the be it!  My pantry is full and I will not starve.

Vodka is a must. lol  And olives!

Good news.  I was finally able to fix my You Tube Channel, Anneke Van Buren.  Somehow it was set to private.  I honestly do not remember making that change but these days....who knows where our mind is. 

I'm just grateful I can upload the ones that are missing and a new one today.  I'll get them caught up but they may not be in order.   It's also on Twitter and Instagram.  But be careful, Instagram has people stealing my pics, claiming to be me and asking for money.  If that happens, you know it's not me.  Please report them!

These are the last 3 days left in the Raiding the Closet series.  I think it will be good to take a break and slow it down.  Folks tend to take it for granted after a while and it loses it's "zing."  On to the next hottie gal.

Never fear,  I am going to be doing virtual or distance dating as a permanent part of my menu.  I really enjoy camming, texting and chatting with those of you who need a little sensual contact.  Sometimes we don't even play.  Folks just want to see a sexy woman and get to know her.  And I get to see and get to know the sexy man.  Love it!

Not much else.  Cocktails with my neighbor on my patio tonight.  She been under the weather.  Not covid-19.  

I hope the rest of your weekend is a great one!  I know it will be for me because life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess, GILF and Naughty Cammer,



Day 48  A little yellow lace sunshine peeking through.



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