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Hello My Naughty Boys,

First things first.  I'm feeling great, back to normal.  A few days left of antibiotics but otherwise things are really good.

It's been hot and humid the last couple of days. While I love living in Florida I don't love May-November.  But it's better then snow in the Northeast in May this past week.  Alexx, my psychic friend and life coach in Albany keeps me posted on the daily weather.  He's a gardener so one day he's worrying about freezing temps and Thursday he's planting impatiens.  That's the weather in Upstate NY.'s always summer.  NOT complaining....much.

Thursday was sessions and the dermatologist in St. Pete. 45  minute drive.   The positive side of the trip.  She laughed when she said I was doing great.  She didn't have to cut, freeze or scrape anything off of me.  And she looked at me from stem to stern!  As we age that's a minor miracle.! 

The traffic is increasing and people are driving like they've lost their minds.  Folks seem frustrated with the lack of knowing what the future holds with this virus.  Everyday we hear of some new horror or side effect. 

Remember Aids?  People were out of their minds in fear until we knew more and when we did we knew that risky behavior, unprotected sex, sharing needles and being around infected dentists who didn't wear a mask could transmit the disease.   We could avoid infection.  THIS one takes it to a whole new level.  We still know very little.  IMHO until we do...those of us over 60 and those of any age with underlying health conditions have to proceed slowly.

I went to the hair salon yesterday with great trepidation.  Once there, the safety precautions were so stringent that I felt better.  My poor hair certainly looks better.  A huge boost to any Leo's morale!  

We are our hair!  We love our manes and hate getting them wet.  Thus...I do not enjoy sex in the shower.  Sorry Pisces and Cancer men who do.  I don't like swimming laps for the same reason.  Plus I am not the world's strongest swimmer.  Moot point anyway. 

Our resort is still not open while the owner's widow figures out how and in what manner to open.  And I'm not a member.  $850 a year to basically have pool and jacuzzi use is not appealing.  For me...there's not much else to offer a single not ready to be old yet woman like me.  

I'm older sure but swinging with older and old couples just doesn't appeal to me.  Friends of course, sexual partners....nah.

Plus no one is going to be dating much less swinging for a long time yet.  This is a good time to appreciate having a partner of your own who enjoys sex or using the safe alternative....virtual "dating", phone/text sex. 

Biz is still growing, albeit in spurts some days, (there's a pun in there) but I seem to be  making progress forward.  Twitter is still growing but it took a 20% decline in new visits as soon as I stopped the Closet series.  Even though I post other pics every day. titillation is a huge draw.  And there's nothing like videos to do that.  Even with all my clothes on.

Or most of them.

I entertained a Dr Anneke sex therapist series but realized I could be setting myself up for libel.  Many seems to have lost their sense of humor right now.

Look, I get it.  We all deal with crises in our own ways.  For me, survival has always been focusing on the good things even in the midst of crap.  I think of that long marriage with my abusive husband.  I'd take delight in seeing a cardinal at the feeder in the middle of the winter while I was walking on eggshells with him.  I learned how to survive so maybe, well no maybe about it, that is what prepared me for what is happening now.  That and losing my grandson at 12.  Somehow, what is happening all around us is tolerable if I can pay my bills.  And so far, I am.  The rest......I can handle.

I hope you are hanging in there by whatever coping mechanism you use.  And remember, a good orgasm is a great stress reliever.  We can still share one together.  On camera or the phone.  It does help!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty in my mind and on camera,  Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Before and After

Last Week.




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