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Hello My Friends and Occasional Lovers,

I slept in this morning but after a night of awful dreams I was glad to awaken.  Sure as shooting the nutters were ready and waiting to whisper what was wrong with me.  Before sleep and upon awakening.  I pooh pooh and banish them.  Actually it's your ego.  It does not like change and we've all had plenty of it these past two and a half months.  

I'm feeling better now. The last of the antibiotics is gone and only one med left that makes me slightly nauseous.  I have yet to make the follow up appt. with the urologist the hospital referred me to.  I am astounded at the lack of concern his front office staff has.  They never call back or they put you on hold and forget you.  How I miss my Albany docs and it concerns me a bit that when I move back to Florida full time that I won't be able to replace the professonalism and competence of the Northeast medical community.

The "down" time peeked my creativity however and I did a little redesign of my condo apartment.  I didn't spend a dime.  I used what I had and I'm heading back to the storage room later to grab a few more things.  One annoying thing...I cannot find my zebra rug.  I know it's in there but it seems I'm going to have to take everything out to find it.  I've asked Andrea to help.  For those of you who don't know or remember, she's my guardian angel.  (You can scoff but she's real.)

It's time for my pellet the end of this month but I am not sure I can do it. I may have to wait a bit.  My libido won't suffer but the extra health benefits from it and my youthful appearance could if it were too long between placements.  I'm trusting the Universe to be generous.  

Twitter is giving me fits again but I'm not really sure it's Twitter.  I think it's directed from jealousy and pettiness.  What? On Twitter?  Hell yes.  While I rarely if ever comment politically, not smart, a well placed like here and there might be part of it.  No worries....I have a favorite verse from Isaiah "No weapon formed against me shall prosper."  I claim it all the time!  I think it's sad that some have so little self confidence that they can't handle someone else's opinion...even in a minuscule "like".

One important note.   I've been thinking about how and when I can safely return to adventures.  Number one it's way too soon in my opinion, although I know some girls never stopped and many others are returning already. Amsterdam shut down it's red light district.  The Balkans, while they are opening has still not allowed legal providing to begin.  New Zealand, where it's legal, has.  But that is because their Prime Minister was so proactive and savvy.  She is one sharp lady.  There are no new and very few deaths.

But here. our numbers are still climbing.  Luckily Florida was not inundated outside the nursing homes.  That was bad enough and that's a national disgrace!  But the numbers are still continuing.

I went to my first lunch out with a friend yesterday.  I insisted we sit outside.  The Florida dining inside has allowed 50% capacity now.  Not one person in the whole restaurant, except the servers and me was wearing a mask.  Yes, I wore it outside because the air conditioning from inside was blowing straight outside.  Hard to eat lunch with a mask but I did. 

I have calls everyday for appointments.  If you can relate an absolutely safe way for me to do so...maybe this summer...later...I'll consider it but here's my take on the only scenario that works for me when I feel confident to do so.


You must have had a NEGATIVE covid test within two days of our adventure and have isolated after it and until we meet.

Thorough screening of course.  Advance notice is imperative of course to do all this.

When you arrive you leave your shoes outside, go right to the shower, put your clothes in a plastic bag and get in the shower.  Put your mask back on.  I'm already wearing one.

NO kissing, no bbbj's, everything covered.  

I'll have been tested also and the room disinfected and sanitized.

Tough isn't it?  What is this based on?  Our  Doctor's and nurses.  What's missing?  The full PPE so don't bitch.

Or I and you wait until we know what this thing really does and there is a treatment and a vaccine.

I have asthma.  It barely affects my everyday life but it puts me in an already high risk bracket being over 60.  

So, if you really want an Anneke Fixxx.....virtual, phone, text, xxx pic bomb of 20, is it.

In the meantime, life is altered but it's still damn good!  Be safe!

Your VERY Naughty Virtual Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Here's to good health and better days to cum!  Cheers!


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