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Good Morning My Naughty Boys,

It's 78 right now in Land O Lakes, partly cloudy and heading to 92 today.  Thursday afternoon the skies opened up and the ensuing downpour flooded both my patios.  I'm on the 4th floor.  What?  Yes, there's inadequate drainage and on top of that the dirt from the roof comes with it.  I swept the water out on the smaller one yesterday and did the bigger this morning.  

It's been a good week.  I'm feeling great but still couldn't get an appointment for a follow up with the urologist so I called my primary care physician in Albany.  Within a half an hour I had a telappointment with his PA, who I love.  She said I sounded like it was clear and suggested I see one up there when I return.  I will.

That's one of my concerns about moving to Florida full time.  There's no comparison to the care in the Northeast with Florida.  I think the Dr's are sick of all the old folks. 

I've had sessions on Skype, Face Time, phone chats and texting almost every day this week.  And you know what, even though they are smaller in $'s, they add up to pay my obligations and then obtain the things I need.  Slow and steady wins the day and I thank you again for making it possible for me to make it through being unemployed from my primary profession.  

Plus, I get to connect with hot guys and have fun with them.  While there is no substitute for one on one touching it's really been great.  I am very blessed to have put this in place before the pandemic wiped out personal adventures.   Yes, I know many girls are back at work but sorry, it won't be me for some time yet.

I'm hoping to fly up to Albany the end of the first week of June.  Right now, I'm required to quarantine for 14 days after arrival.  Like Florida had the big numbers?  But it may be different by then.  I'll do what is required.  It will be my job to sell all the furnishings and pack up the personal items and what I want to take back.  Yep...I rented a mini-van.

Unfortunately, my son is still getting the run around from the state of NY and has yet to see an unemployment check.  He was going to pay the rent there and thankfully the complex is working with us.  He was furloughed and the Feds are saying because the company is still open he doesn't qualify for the covid weekly benefit. 600.  I can't believe the bulls--- that our states and federal government are putting people through who qualify  just so they can delay paying.  I think it's shameful!

So I have to get up there...risky no matter how I do it..sell the furniture and get out asap. I will fly up on June 8th.

If he doesn't go back to work by then he'll come back with me on June 30th. We'll rent a car for the return.  When they do call him back I'll fly him back up.  I've got a honey do list here while he's with me.  He can fix anything and does it right!  I also have some friends that are interested in his skills. But I'm hoping he can go back to work.  He was making such great strides!

Yesterday ..I filmed a little clip, took pics and uploaded both to Twitter, YouTube, finally at 1000 and Instagram.  I've stepped back from everyday because folks were starting to take it for granted.  And I was running out of wardrobe.  I'll have more in Albany to bring back.

My Sis is still doing great after surgery and my sister in law is hanging in there too.  My bro needs his hip replaced but we know where to send him now.  HER doctor.  Still I'm thankful I'm where I am even though it was a longer recovery. Still working out at home, our gym has not reopened.  I can do weights and yoga at home and the occasional walk.  It's all okay and...

Life is still good.  I am most grateful for the freedom we have and remember the fallen to ensure we have it. 

Your VERY Naughty Cam Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Yes,  I did a redesign.....keeping the boredom away.  Cum Skype with me! 


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