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Good Morning My Darling Boys and Some Girls,

Yes, I know there are a few women who read this journal. Thank you!

My eyes popped open at 7 am today.  More proof that my body has recovered from the kidney stone and accompanying UTI.  Yeay me!

As I sat on my patio this morning it was 78.  Naked, warm  and happy to see a clear pond after the rain, hear the birds sing and  grateful for where I am today.  While our resort is still closed I've heard there is a letter of intent to purchase it.  All our thoughts are bent for someone who is nudist/lifestyle oriented and more importantly, sales and marketing savvy!  If both and possesing a good bank account, this place could return to the exciting destination it used to be. Add a good bar and restaurant manager,  chef and classy menu and voila!  Lots of thoughts are being manifested to the Universe that it be so!  It's been two owners and years ago since that was true.   So mote it be!

Virtual business is improving week by week.  Slow and steady wins in the end so I'm very happy.  I did have help with the Albany rent, thankfully and I've requested an early termination of my lease.  The answer to that is a week or so away.  I know NY State has changed all those laws during the pandemic.  If not, we'll see.

Twitter is now at 123.4 K followers.  What I find truly amazing is that most all my new business is generated from there.  It costs me nothing except my time.  But there is a lot of time invested each day to stay current, interesting and in their eyes without being obnoxious.  

A fan site approached me to add content and have a membership but their reviews are sketchy and the girls are very young and it doesn't seem like my market at all.  If I'm to do this, the right one will come along. If I am not, it will not.

June 8th is still the day to fly north.  But I cannot see private encounters happening in Albany yet. Or even Land O Lakes.  I was thinking of opening up, pun intended, on July 15th with the previously mentioned guidelines and very limited visits but Andrea is saying....wait. 

I must mention that I've increased my donation considerably.  For long time friends, your first visit will be the same as last we met.  After that...the new donation will be in place for everyone.  It's already posted here.  If you look at the rates for Tampa....they all have done the same.  But they are young and while I have wrinkles I know a hell of a lot more. LOL  And love what I do!

It has to go up.  I'll have to sanitize/disenfect before and after every visit. And test.  And it's still going to be a risk for some time....I think at least a year to 18 months.  I think it's prudent to wait and see what the next few weeks bring.  You'll be the first to know when I feel it's safe.  Just remember, I am not giving references while the numbers are still going up and second peaks are happening.  Be patient and please be safe.  Use that big head in making those decisions for intimacy. If you're kissing someone...or getting a BBBJ...risky behavior.  

I am truly grateful to those of you who have availed yourself of my virtual/phone/sext adventures.  And to those who have helped.  I can't tell you have thankful I am to know you and I express that every single day when I sit down for my quiet time and write down those blessing in my personal journal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Now....let's be naughty safely until we can meet in person!  Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Closet Raid Yesterday

Today  Face Time session...having hair fun.



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