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Hello My Friends,

It's chilly here today.  I actually turned the heat on.  I went to get my covid test and wound up having to pay for an antibody test which wasn't what I wanted at all.  Now, I have to get a Dr. referral for a Covid-19 test.  Bad info all the way around.

Yesterday my Florida landlord asked me if I wanted to buy my condo and he intends to divest himself of his last piece of Florida investment property.  He lives in Washington State.  My lease ends August 31st.  And pigs can fly that I'll do that.  He suggested I ask a rich friend to carry the mortgage.  Ha!

So, as a good friend said this morning, concentrate on getting out of the Albany place and selling your stuff and get back to Florida.   I've spent the afternoon putting prices on things and will start advertising selling after my son leaves tomorrow.  

I talked to my leasing folks at the resort and she came up with some alternate strategies.  One of which means I move out to a different but newer part of our community.  Bigger, two car garage, less rent and with the option to do a lease purchase down the road. Moving is never easy or cheap but if I have to, so be it.

Tonight is most definitely a martini night.  I have a 9pm Skype so that will help defrey the covid test cost.  No, they sure aren't free.  "Anyone can get a Covid test!"  Remember who uttered those words?  Sure.. anyone who can pay for one.  

But I will not be discouraged.  At the start of all this I opened myself up to whatever might be better for me.  If I do move to the new place it has 3 bedrooms and one could be a dedicated dungeon.  I know this floor plan with my eyes closed in the dark.  Lady Femina lives in one and it's lovely.  It surely won't be a step down.  Peaceful and private?  Not so much but frankly I've had my fill of peaceful and quiet.  I'm ready to have  social circle of friends close by and this part of our community is very social.  

So send out good thoughts for me to make the best decision and to have the best place for me to be.  Life is an adventure.  You never know what is around the corner.

And....it's still good!

Your VERY  ready to be naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



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