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Hello My Friends,

It's starting to warm and mug up here.  I forego the walk with it being 90 and high humidity.  It's hard to breathe in that Florida like soup.

I've been busy but in odd ways.  A lot of tire kickers who want to chat away but it never goes to anything. Then again, I've had some really generous gentlemen in the virtual medium this week.  It's a big help with all that's in front of me.  Still no word on the other apartment in our community because of family illness.  But there is someone looking at buying the condo I'm renting.  NO bites on any of my furnishings in the Albany condo. I've always been able to sell things on Craigs list.  In over a week no interest has popped up.  I think it will though. And there's great stuff like new for a used price.

I've stayed physically active.  But I am getting stir crazy with no car. Yesterday I tried to order from the liquor store...no luck with the process so today I called and they said change your browser.  Voila.  

Then later I ordered from Whole Foods on Amazon and they delivered to the wrong address.  Getting a refund from Amazon is an ordesl and I still don't have coffee for my morning tomorrow.  Now THERE is the real calamity this week!

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to reorder,  it was too late to order in their schedule. 

Thankfully, I had my very first adventure in 3 months this morning.  When he asked I couldn't say no. Dear playmate.  So the house and linens got washed and sanitized.  While we had limitations we still had a great time!  I was my first orgasm with someone else present n 3 1/2 months.  Wowsah! 

Restrip the bed, resanitize for my own safety.  Rinse, repeat for each and every friend.  It was well worth the effort.  AND he brought me a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous flowers.  

Officially I begin Monday....virtual continues forever.  It's all good.

Tomorrow I'll get up earlier and get that walk in before it gets too hot.  I could walk to Dunkin' as there won't be much traffic on the major road on a Sunday morning.  My day just doesn't get started without my coffee!

Remember my Albany friends I'm only here until July 29.  No idea if I'll visit to tour. Family visits maybe so we'll see.

Have a fabulous weekend.  If we don't watch the news it will be.

Life is good!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,




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