Nov 10 2018 It's COLD and Time to Head South * More pics! Category: General     08:49AM   0

Hello My Darling Boys,

It's finally really fall but feels like winter.  The leaves have mostly dropped and there is a chill wind on top of the lower temps.  Business has been slower this week.  It's as if the Universe's time to go! 

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Nov 7 2018 The Morning After * Life Does Go On! NEW PICS FROM THE SHOOT!Category: General     10:24AM   0

God Morning My Naughty Boys,

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Nov 5 2018 GET OUT AND VOTE!Category: General     01:45PM   0

Hello My Friends,

I have to drop off my computer for a day so I wanted to send this reminder to you that your vote matters!  Make time tomorrow to get it done!

And no matter the outcome...we have to work harder to open a dialogue with those who do not share our beliefs.  Or this country will be torn apart.   "A house divided against itself cannot stand."  

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Nov 3 2018 What an Awful Day BUT It's Been a Great Week! JUST ADDED ON 11/5/2018 NEW PIC!Category: General     08:31AM   0

Good Morning My Friends,

I'm having my coffee in my dining room/office listening to the wind howl and the rain drizzling down. It's 48. Both are bringing the leaves down in great gobs. 

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Oct 31 2018 Happy Halloween! Pics!Category: General     02:13PM   0

Hi Boys,

It started out at 32 this morning but it's a little warmer for the trick of treater's now.  46.  So far, no one has knocked on my door.  NOT I have a big bowl of candy that I will have to throw out if they don't.  OR I'll eat it myself.

Alexx sent me this to use for you and my twitter feed.  I love this old pin up art!

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Oct 27 2018 A Good Day to Stay in Bed!Category: General     07:50AM   0

Hello Darlings,

It's 37 and raining.  It's so dark it seems like twilight. A positively yukky day but thankfully it is not snowing where I am.  I shudder to look at the weather this morning.  It looks like the high peaks of the Adirondack's could be getting snow. If so, the leaves are still on the trees.  Not good!  I'd be less then honest if I didn't say I'm getting eager to leave for Florida!

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Oct 24 2018 Another Photo Shoot * Looking Mah-vah-lous!Category: General     02:35PM   0

Hello My Boys,

It's an okay day today weather wise.  We had some big thunderstorms last night and the sky looked more like it does when a tornado is on it's way.  Thankfully that did not happen. 

Today was the photo shoot.  Hair/makeup began at 11am...and the photographer arrived at 1pm.  We finished around 3:15. 

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Oct 20 2018 Florida Reaching Out * Fall is On the Wane * Skype High Jinks! Pic Of CourseCategory: General     08:18AM   0

Good Morning Naughty Friends,

It's 54 this morning and overcast.  The temperatures are not moving up much at all. It's possible we'll have a hard frost in the morning.  I've adding a pic of the last of my thriving patio garden.  Tomorrow morning might be a different story.  

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Oct 17 2018 Mid-week Madness OR The Everyday Life of a Private Companion, Cam Model and Erstwhile Adult Actress * PicCategory: General     09:58AM   0

Hi Peeps,

It's chilly. It was 40 this morning but no hard frost yet.  There's a bit of sun now but rain is forecast for a couple of hours this afternoon.

I have my nail appointment this afternoon and it's a good place to be on a crappy day.  However, that's just the weather.  The rest of it has been swell.

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Oct 13 2018 What a CRAZY Start to a Soggy, Cold Day * But ALL is Well Compared to Mexico Beach! Pic. Category: General     08:36AM   0

Good Morning My Darling Boys,

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Oct 9 2018 In Sympathy * Amsterdam StrongCategory: General     02:07PM   0

Dear Friends,

This is a tough one but I feel led to say something, anything.  Our area has been hit by a terrible tragedy in the loss of 20 lives last Saturday.  The Capital District isn't huge and I know that probably someone who has crossed my threshold has been impacted.  

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Oct 7 2018 Autumn in New York....Upstate That Is. New Hairdo Pics. Category: General     12:28PM   0

Hello Boys,

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I was up late reading and so I slept late this morning.  It's gray and 61 but no rain, thankfully.

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Oct 2 2018 It's Not the Wednesday Update But I Couldn't Wait to Share the Good News! Pics too. Category: General     12:06PM   0

Hello Boys,

It's an incredibly dreary day here in Albany, NY.  Chilly, dark, rainy and blech!  But there's sunshine in my heart.  That's an old Sunday School song some of you might remember.

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Sep 29 2018 Turning the Corner on the Summer Doldrums * Fall is Here and I'm Happy! PicsCategory: General     12:58PM   0

Hello My Naughty Friends,

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Sep 24 2018 I Had a Great Tour But I'm Sick of Wine * PicsCategory: General     01:54PM   0

Hello Boys,

Well, it seems fall has finally arrived in the Northeast.  It was 48 in Syracuse this morning. Saturday the day of the wine tour I wore leggings, a sweater and a leather jacket.  Probably a high of 60 but it was dry, sunny, breezy and perfect.

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