Sep 18 2019 Summer Still in the South * Ms. Organization * Waiting for Tampa to Show Up. Twitter 62.8K * PicsCategory: General     03:32PM   0

Hello My Darlings,

It cooled down a bit today.  Only 92.  It was a cool 72 on the patio for coffee this a m.  While I'm thinking I miscalculated on my timing coming down I'm reminded that there are no mistakes.  Just lessons to be learned.  

The slow biz has allowed me to completely reorganize my place.   Stuff has been tossed or gone to the Salvation Army.  My storage unit is next! 

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Sep 14 2019 The Fantasy Playroom Awaits * Harvest Full Moon Tonight * PicsCategory: General     06:43AM   0

Good Morning Luvs,

My apologies for missing my usual Wednesday update this week but I was up to my eyeballs in driving,  unpacking and reoganizing my incall.

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Sep 7 2019 It's Saturday the 7th of Sept. So I Must Be in Raleigh * Vintage PicCategory: General     03:55PM   0

Hi Peeps,

Thankfully Hurricane Dorian is finally heading away from us.  The skies were blue and sunny this morning in Richmond and have continued to Raleigh.  It's been an easy trip down.  I've mostly rested, done yoga and watched HGTV.

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Sep 4 2019 DC TODAY UNTIL FRIDAY NOON * Please note....changes to this tour. * PicCategory: General     08:14AM   0

Hi Darlings,

This is a short one.  It is hot, hot, hot here in Arlington.  Add lots of concrete and  apartment buildings and it seems even hotter.    I still have time in DC and I'm CLOSE to the Ballston station.  So if you're thinking about an Anneke Fixxx.....let's do it!

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Sep 3 2019 THE COMING TO GET YOU TOUR Has Begun! PHILLY TONIGHT * PICCategory: General     02:55PM   0

Hello My Darling Boys,

It's was a chilly last morning in Albany, NY today.  Now I'm in Philadelphia near the airport and it's sunny and warm. I caught glimpses of leaf changes all the way down.  There's no doubt fall is on the way.

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Aug 28 2019 It's Hump Day and I'm Planning On It! Pic. Category: General     12:53PM   0

Hello Darlings,

Fall is on the way.  The last few mornings have that feeling in the air.  It's darker earlier and here and there, upon my travels, I see leaves beginning to change.  

I'll miss fall in the Northeast this year with my earlier departure to Florida.  It's my favorite time of the year I think.  Pumpkins, colorful mums, apple harvest, cider and donuts.  

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Aug 24 2019 Ten Days and Counting * Bittersweet Thoughts for the Northeast * Excited for Florida * PicCategory: General     09:57AM   0

Hello My Darling Boys,

Written yesterday. 

It's an absolutely glorious day.  Cooler, drier, sunny!  The perfect day for the Traver's Stakes.  Am I going? No, I had booked an adventure who cancelled this morning. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon for a few races. 

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Aug 21 2019 Rain, Rain, Get Lost! PicCategory: General     10:28AM   0

Hello My Naughty Boys,

It's a warm and soggy day in Upstate NY.   Mostly rain all day and thunderstorms late this afternoon just when I'm driving north to spend the night with my guy.  It won't matter what the weather is then.

Sis and her husband had lunch with me this afternoon.  He had an appt. at the Albany VA so they stopped after.

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Aug 17 2019 On A Cloud * A Fabulous Week * Countdown to The Coming to Get You Tour * Pics of course.Category: General     09:38AM   0

Hello My Darling Boys,

This week has whizzed by.  It was soggy and grey this morning but the sun is out now for a few minutes before it disappears again and rain heads into the Capital District this evening.

Great response, while slowed down, to the new fetish teaser.  We were at 6.6K this morning.  My Florida videographer is so excited and dreaming up new ideas for shoots when I return.  Stay tuned!

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Aug 14 2019 Full Moon Energy! Vivid Dreams! Sexy, Hot Playmates. Pic and New Video!Category: General     09:06AM   0

Good Morning/Peek of the Afternnon Boys,

It's cooler and a bit drier today.  A bit dampish to sit out early on.  It would be a perfect day for the track but I have an engagement.  I'll get there yet.

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Aug 10 2019 Another Year Around The Sun * Wow! What A Birthday! PicCategory: General     09:16AM   0

Good Morning My Darling Boys,

It was 64 this morning on the patio.   It was lovely for coffee.

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Aug 8 2019 A Day Late and Hopefully NOT A Dollar Short * Tour Fully Planned * 56K * PicsCategory: General     08:35AM   0

Hello Peeps,

I've been a day ahead the last two days.  Why?  No clue.  Maybe I need to start keeping a journal of my forgetfulness?  Or maybe there are just too many things on my mind?  Or maybe too many martinis?  Or maybe not enough?

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Aug 3 2019 It's A Perfect Summer Weekend and The Phone Is Ringing! 55.2 * PicsCategory: General     09:39AM   0

Good Morning Peeps,

In a few minutes I'll step outside on my patio retreat and get to my gratitude list.  After all these years you think I would have figured out that you write in the mornings.   I needed to reply to those first. 

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Jul 31 2019 New Moon in Leo * Mercury Ends Retrograde * The Taboo BJ Barry Clip Is Up! * PicsCategory: General     06:23AM   0

Good Morning Boys,

It's 71 with 87% humidity this morning.  The sun has a watery light through the forest in my tiny back yard but it's supposed to be overcast all morning.  I'm going to try and get a walk in once the humidity lowers.  It's a mile around and I'm working on shortening my time each day I venture out in the heat and humidity.  

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Jul 26 2019 Coming To Get You Tour * Dates and Locations UP * Reserve Me Soon * PicsCategory: General     03:00PM   0

Hello My Naughty Boys,

Friday evening. Hot one today and I haven't even stuck my nose out except once on my patio.  Although I am heading out tonight for dinner and jazz.  Yeah, I started this on a Friday evening.  Not because I had so much to tell you.  More because I'm bored. 

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