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Hello Darlings,

I hope your Christmas and Hanukkah holidays were fabulous!  I had a great time with my kids, just chillin', catching up and cooking.  My daughter is an even better cook than I so we had some wonderful meals.  Add the backdrop of the beautiful Smoky Mountains and it was a great trip.  She brought me some lovely jewelry and a shawl from different destinations.  Nepal, India and Tibet.  One piece, a long string of bloodstone Buddhist prayer beads.  If you're interested read what bloodstone's qualities are.  

And it's great to be home, in the much warmer clime of Florida.  It seems that everyone else in the US was trying to get here on Tuesday and Wednesday also.  I-75 had lots of bottle necks with out of state cars and campers heading south.  Who can blame them? It was -2 this morning where I used to live in Albany.  

Everywhere I stopped to stay on the way up and back I met interesting folks.  One cool couple in Macon, who are from Sarasota and I exchanged Facebook id's and emails.  We'll get together after the New Year!  I've been listing "new friends" on my intention list each morning and it seems they are arriving.  Some for a friendship that is so valued  and some with additional "benefits."  It all works for me.

I do have a date for New Year's Eve and I'm looking forward to showing him all.  6'3" inches of hunk. New Year's Day I'm having a casual open house from 3-6pm.  Stop in if we've met.  No one will care how we did. 

The phone, which stopped ringing before Christmas, has resumed.  Old friends from the past are coming to Orlando and Tampa and it looks like 2018 is going to be an even better year.  2017 was pretty great in itself. 

I have an Albany tour booked for January 21-27  and the pre-bookings have started.  I have my flight but I haven't decided on the hotel yet although I'm pretty sure I'll stay where I usually do.  For some reason rental cars are sky high that week so I'm going to borrow one of my sister's cars.  The poor thing fell before Christmas and has had a miserable time of it since.  She did a face plant and severely damaged her shoulder.  Thankfully it's not broken.   We both joke that we're clutzes just like our mom. 

So....all is well in Land O Lakes...I'm being "well taken care of" and I'm looking forward to this weekend and being with friends to ring in the New Year.  I DO have lots of time available if you've had enough of family and behaving.  

Tomorrow I'm going back to being more blonde.  Lots of white blonde highlights mixed with the darker root.  Also back to the gym and more yoga.  I'll take pics!

Life is good!!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,


When I was a lighter blonde.  But I'll have a darker "root" as is the style right now.  

New Year's Nails

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