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Hello My Darling Boys,

It's 43 and heading downward and raining.   And high winds. An absolutely miserable day here in South Florida.   I feel so sorry for the people who are vacationing here this week who expected sun tan weather.  I had friends who went to the Outback Bowl at Raymond James Stadium and it was a miserable day for them. 

Thankfully, the temperatures hadn't plummeted New Year's Eve.  It was cooler but pleasant.  As I've bitched and  moaned over the years, New Year's Eve has almost always been solo for me. I have a thing about that. My last year in Albany for that night I was again alone but went to my fav Greek restaurant all dolled up.  I was the only one.  I still had a great time but I have my moments when being single sucks.  Most of the time, it's fabulous so don't feel sorry for me.  

I've gotten acquainted with someone these past few months that I actually met here.   A lovely man  but the timing wasn't right.  However we stayed in touch.   This past  month the  universe cooperated and it was time.   He let me know he was here looking for an apartment for his new life and I said "Would you like to come over?"  And he did.   We're becoming good friends and playmates.   That's the only way either of us should be looking at this right now.  We are having a ball. 

He had never been to our club, much less the packed, sexy assed New Year's Eve party.  I  complain all the time that this place isn't what it was but New Year's Eve it seems to reincarnate to it's old self.  Dinner in the restaurant was actually good and presentable.  Not exactly romantic or great service but .....baby steps.  New couple friends here had asked me to attend and then I added him to the mix.   Of course, he fit right in and my gal pal whispered,  "He's a hunk."  I smiled smugly and said, "Oh yeah."  

After dinner we walked into the club for the show of people.  The attire was outrageous as it used to be, people were having a blast and the DJ spun a mix that cranked the crowd higher and higher.  I coaxed him on the dance floor for the slow dance and we spent the time lip locked and as close as we could get.  At the table, it was our own world, heightened by the sexiness around us. 

It finally sunk in that he was going to be living in this environment.  And my gal pal told him, as I had, that he was going to have a line of women after him.  Single, handsome, sweet.  Done deal.  He doesn't believe that yet.  I point blank told one of my overly aggressive friends...."hands off."  She thinks anyone new who walks through the door is hers.  But she doesn't share any of HER boyfriends.  

The ball dropped, everyone cheered and we kissed.  Again and again. We danced some more and then my friends left.  It was out to the jacuzzi for us after he had told me he had towels in his close by vehicle and a hair tie in his wallet. What guy carries a hair tie in his wallet?  He works with women mostly.  Always has an extra hair tie.  So in the tub we went and the jacuzzi is packed and it feels like heaven.   And yes, we're kissing nekkied in the jacuzzi but also interacting with the other folks.  Everyone is high with the success and the sexiness of the night.

Finally, we dry off, dress and head home and of course to bed.  He's spending the night.  We climb into the new bed and he insists upon giving me a rub down.  I'm thinking "where did this guy come from?"   And of course, one thing led to another.  

He had offered to help me with the Open House New Year's Day but I popped out of bed early to get things started.  I knew he was exhausted and let him sleep.  I'd made coffee and when he sleepily popped his head into the kitchen I made him a cup.  Which we took back to bed.  There's nothing that jump starts the day better than coffee and a morning blow job.

He showered and I went back to work.  And I knew I was cutting it close.  But he joined me in the kitchen and cheerfully did any prep work and washing up that I asked for.  I wanted to leave time to get ready and when the first guest arrived 10 minutes early I was all duded up, the tenderloin had just come out of the oven  and cooled and he was carving it.

I'd invited a variety of old and new friends.  My  hot new male filming partner, of course my "date" and my videographer who is also younger.    I thought it would be fun to have some young stuff mixed in with the rest of us oldies but goodies.  Lady Femina brought a hot young one too.

Turns out, everyone stayed, drank lots of Prosecco and polished off a whole beef tenderloin.  We had a great time.  My videographer never made it but my two younger hunks made sure everyone had a drink, flirted and helped me to have time to enjoy my guests.

I know some of my friends were giving me the eye as it was obvious both of them were attending me.  My date said later....you earned this.  And I took the two gorgeous ones to bed at the end of the evening.   It was one over the top stuff made of dreams adventure.  Not one but two beautiful guys.  I'm NOT telling any more but I will say,  I'm still floating on a cloud of arousal right now every time I think of it.   

It was the best New Year's Eve and Day ever!  Absolute magick all the way around.  I'm a lucky gal.  And.... I have a feeling 2018 is going to be an exceptional year. 

Plus I had my new hormone implant this morning.   A sexy Skype session this afternoon so watch out 2018!

Life is good!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,






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